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Food Requirements for Pregnant Rabbit

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Food Requirements for Pregnant Rabbit

The owner needs to provide apt and ample nutrition for their Doe during its pregnancy. A Pregnant Rabbit will require exceptional changes to its diet to make sure that it is receiving sufficient nutrition; if a Doe faces nutritional deficiencies, the results might be abortion or re absorption of the fetuses. The owner should provide her with extraordinary quality food besides fresh, unpolluted unlimited amounts of water.

Gradual Modifications

Modifications should be made gradually to the diet.  As naturally the bunnies should, at all times, experience slow but sure dietary changes to consist of foods such as carrots, celery, cucumber, rabbit pellets, stacks of hay, tomatoes, parsley. A salad can be formed from these vegetables. One should institute a diet of alfalfa hay as a replacement for grass hay. Cabbage should be avoided because it could cause bloating in stomach. Also, the owner should offer more bunny pellets than usual. Most importantly, Access to clean water should be ensured at all times. That gradual increase in diet should always be kept in mind. Similarly, more emphasis should be given to green vegetables diet instead of pallet diet.

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Diet near Delivery

A few days in advance of delivery, the owner should cut back on food items but not water. Performing so will mean that one’s Doe will get a reduce chances of suffering from any medical problems for instance mastitis and ketosis. The owner should cut the diet down amounting to fifty percent of the regular volume of food, almost two days before the anticipated birth date.

After Delivery

Once baby rabbits have been delivered, the mother should slowly be returned to her usual diet and within 1-2 weeks following delivery, she should be back to normal. If the mother is given excessive food even after delivery, she could become obese and unhealthy.

Pregnant rabbit asks for extra care and attention. The owners must understand this responsibility and if they do not want further rabbit babies, they should go for rabbit neutering or spaying.

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