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Pork Roundworm Infection in Dogs

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

The Pork Roundworm Infection in Dogs

Pork Roundworm infection in dogs is also known as Trichinosis. This parasitic infection is found in pigs and it can be easily transferred within humans and dogs. The parasite is called Trichinella spiralis. T. spiralis, and in simple language it is called the pork worm. A dog or a person who has consumed contaminated pork meat or undercooked pork meat can easily catch this parasite which can result in Trichinosis and Pork Roundworm infection in dogs.

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The infection is developed in dogs and people after they have eaten it. In humans, Trichinosis is so strong that it can actually cause deaths and other severe diseases. If a puppy is fed with the contaminated pork meat, they have a higher risk of being fatal and seriously sick with the infection because of their lower immunity level. The body starts to inflame when the parasite’s larvae travels in the lungs and starts to grow there. Dogs that live on farmlands, country side and ranches are more prone to Pork Roundworm infection in dogs because they are usually fed with pork meat. This infection is more common in European countries, America, China and Australia because they consume high amount of pork meat and so their animals like cats and dogs. This disease is rather low in eastern and Asian countries.

Causes and treatment of Pork Roundword Infection in dogs

Your dog can catch Trichinosis by eating the raw or contaminated pork meat. The symptoms which it might show are an upset stomach; there will be gas passage and other gastrointestinal problems. Your dog will start vomiting, will become dehydrated and will also have diarrhea. These symptoms can detect the starting stage of Pork Roundworm infection in dogs. Later you will notice your dog having a fever, there will be muscle inflammations, the muscles will become stiff, and your dog will have pain and will express it by constantly crying, lying down and tearing of the eyes.

The roundworm pork parasite enters the gastrointestinal system by eating the raw or contaminated pork meat. The parasites starts developing in the intestines and are later transferred through the blood to all around the body. The larvae starts living on the muscles and the muscles start becoming stiff which causes inflammation. The Trichinosis parasite can survive for several years on muscles and if not treated they may cause problems.

If you notice any such symptoms in your dog, it is important you take them immediately to a vet. Your vet will first take a physical examination test and will then ask you the complete history of your dog which may include the diet you feed it. After this your vet will go for different test which includes blood tests, blood count, fecal examination, urinalysis and biochemical profile. If the blood tests show a higher number of white blood cells then it’s a clear indication of some infection present in the body. If the fecal examination shows fragments of ringworm then that can be a clear proof ringworms present in the body.  Further testing may include taking a piece of muscle because this infection lives, grows and attacks the muscles.

When it comes to treating Pork Roundworm infection in dogs, in case of mild disease anti-parasitic drugs may be required only which can put a stop to parasite growth. In case of severe situation different heavy drugs and even injection might be needed to kill the parasite and to reduce its number. One can prevent Trichinosis from occurring by giving proper and balanced diet to the dog. Do not only feed pork meat to your dog, change the meal, you can give lamb, mutton and red meat, or even chicken which should be properly cooked along with different vegetables and grains. In case of Pork Roundworm infection in dogs, if you see any symptoms, immediate vet’s attention is required. Another tip to prevent this disease is y regular vaccination of your pigs present on your farm or ranches.

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