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Polychrotidae (Anoles) – Housing of Anole Lizard

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

anoles lizard - Polychrotidae (Anoles) - Housing of Anole Lizard



If an owner is keeping Anole lizard in captivity then it is important to give it a completely natural habitat and a larger closure area. A single Anole can fit well in a fish tank which has a capacity of 10 gallon water. If the owner is willing to keep two to four Anoles then a fish tank with capacity of holding 20 gallon of water is recommended. The enclosure should be large and should be filled with rocks, tree branches and other accessories to give it a natural look and the Anoles can have areas to climb and hide.

Do not think that keeping Anole lizard is a piece of cake and cheap, these lizards have expensive living and so needs specific items for their enclosure. When keeping an Anole make sure you have UVB producing florescent light which should be operating for 12 hours, a basking light, nocturnal heat light so that temperatures are maintainable in nights and winters. There should be two thermometers in the enclosure which should be measured but cool and warm temperatures. For the ground, pot soil should be used instead of play sand and plants which can be grown in pots should be planted to keep the humidity level balanced in the enclosure. A space for water bowl should be left and it should be made sure that everything is adjusted and arranged properly in the enclosure and nothing should fall off.

For Anole lizard to breed and live happily for a longer period of time in captivity, it is is very important to povide them with the perfect atmosphere. And so this article will help in guiding you for making the best enclosure for your Anole lizard so you and your reptile pet can have a long happy life together.  

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