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Polychrotidae Anoles Feeding

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

Anoles Feeding

Anoles feeding is comparatively very easy. Anoles are easy reptile pets to handle and so many people like keeping them in enclosures. Anoles are insectivores, that is they will eat insects only. If they are allowed to roam around free in your house on walls then they will eat away bugs, spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes and flies. But eating of these types of insects can be dangerous because they might be having germs or insecticide spray on them which can result in ill condition of your pet lizard.

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Anoles feeding depends on its age and size, an adult and larger Anole will eat more than a juvenile will. Anoles must be fed with live insects instead of canned commercial food. With live insects your Anole will be active and will happily hunt its prey, when it comes to canned food your Anole will not only and you might have to feed it forcefully which will make your Anole stressful.

Quantity and feeding time:

Anoles should be fed after every two to three days. The quantity of food to be given to your lizard completely depends on its appetite, an owner has to judge how many insects it should give. To judge their appetite size, the owner, for example, should put three to four crickets in the tank. Once the Anole has eaten up all the crickets and is still active bobbing its head here and there in search for food, it means that it is hungry and wants more. In this case the owner can add more crickets to it and then note the total quantity the owner has fed to the lizard. If you lizard is full, it will simply not hunt anymore and the leftover crickets in the enclosure should then be taken out.

Anoles love insects and crickets are their favorite meal. An owner can find different kinds and variety of insects at different stores or from reptile dealers who are selling reptile food in nearby shops or online. An owner should change the meal every time to give the lizard a balance diet. Anoles are usually low on vitamins and calcium, and so they require daily supplement feeding which can be done by dusting on the insects. Without these supplements, your lizard can die due to Metabolic Bone Disease which is very common in lizards if not given with enough Calcium.

Anoles feeding can include house fly, cockroaches, fruit flies, wax worms, small worms, crickets and bugs. However an Anole must not be fed with Meal Worms because these worms are not digested by them and don’t provide any energy to the lizard.

Baby Anoles must be fed with micro crickets or fruit flies only because they can then eat and digest them with ease.

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