Where to Place Rabbit Cage Making Them More Comfortable

Where to Place Rabbit Cage Making Them More Comfortable

Rabbit cage plans include decision whether they should be kept indoors or outdoors but it’s more economical to keep them outside since ventilation and lighting will easily be available and extra money will not be needed to install additional accessories to provide these necessities.

The cage should be place in such a place that it receives ample amounts of sunlight but a part of it should be sheltered from direct sun rays so rabbits are able to rest in shade whenever they prefer. Sunlight is essential for rabbits to obtain Vitamin D as most of their food lacks it. Also sunlight kills germs thus taking care of many diseases.

Rabbit cage plans


The size of cage matters a lot in this regard, because if cage is made of wires that allow a good airflow then it is perfect.

The ideal environmental temperature for rabbits is about 55° F. Higher temperature reduces their food intake and growth rates. On the other hand low temperature results might reduce effectiveness because they need to eat more to keep themselves warm.

The humidity level has to be around 35% to 50% to keep the floors and manure dry otherwise they will be damp and will cause infections. During high humidity the level of ammonia increases while low humidity can cause respiratory problems.

Escape Proofing

The important factor in rabbit cage plans is their safety. The house or cage should be built in such a way with strong material that rabbits big or small cannot escape. The wire used to build the cages should be thick and strong enough so that rabbits unable to tear it apart.

Wooden accessories and parts of the Rabbit Cage need to be laminated to prevent chewing. It is better to provide wooden chew to rabbits inside of the cage so that they do not chew their cage. Top of the cage and any passages though which rabbits can escape should be covered; this will also prevent other predators coming in, they might squeeze in through the holes.

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