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Pionus Parrots – Introduction

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)


Pionus parrots are some of the most undervalued possessions found in aviculture today. They are average sized, short tailed birds and are usually from Central and South America.

Pionus Parrots – Introduction - Pionus Parrots - Introduction


Life span

The average life span of these parrots is around 25 years,  but there are many who live longer to as long as 40 years or so. They are fully mature at the age of 3.

Physical Description

The Pionus species are sturdy, medium sized parrots with short square tails and a bare eye ring. Their sizes range from around 8 – 12 inches. Their appearance is very similar the Amazon parrots, but they are smaller than most of the Amazons with the exception of the small Spectacled Amazon parrots.
Immature Blue-headed parrots have numerous idiosyncratic features. Till the age of one, these parrots have very little blue in their skin. The blue color that they have is just blue binding on green feathers and on the forehead. As they reach one, they have the blue appeared all over the body. Just above the nose holes, they have a couple of red feathers. The amount of red varies significantly between individual Pionus parrots, and these feathers fall out between the ages of 3 months to one year.

Pionus Parrots – Physical Description - Pionus Parrots - Introduction


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