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Pionus Parrots – Training

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

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Litter training:

Birds usually are trained for clearing up or not making the litter at all. Pionus are intelligent Parrots and are quick learners. The first important thing for a trainer is to know their pet very much. These birds have their particular cues by which it depicts that they are to litter around.

Once the trainer is aware of it then he/she must lead the parrot to the garbage, or wherever one wishes the bird to get use to litter. The trainer must put the bird to specific location and try to attach a specific word with this action so that bird can pick it. One must not be harsh or enforcing, as it may lead the bird to a destructive behavior.

Teaching Tricks

One of the first tricks usually taught is the step up. The step up is a very easy trick to teach since stepping up on something is a natural thing to do. To teach this trick your bird should be standing on its stand. The trainer must move his hand slowly near bird and gently press pointer finger on its lower stomach. Then in a calm pleasant voice, the trainer must instruct the Pionus to Step Up.

Usually the bird will instinctively step up to the trainer’s finger. If this does not happen, the trainer must repeat it until the bird gets it. Even if the parrot gets it right the first time, one has to repeat it anyway so that the parrot will eventually be familiar with the words ‘step up’ as their cue to do the trick.


The next trick to learn is the turn around. This requires that the parrot be perched on a stand again. Before one teaches the trick, warm up the Pionus by getting it to step up and go back to its perch a few times. Then holding its preferred treat at eye level, the trainer must ask the pionus to turn around. As the parrot reaches for the treat, one must move his hand slowly to its back so that the parrot has to turn its head around to see the treat.

Some Pionus will immediately turn its entire body too to get to the treat. In case the bird does not praise it, the trainer must redo the trick telling it to turn around and coaxing the parrot to turn around next time.

Training the Bird to Talk

Parrots are extremely social creatures that cannot abide isolation or monotony. All social creatures must find ways to converse with each other. Most do so through subtle body language, barely obvious to humans. But parrots are an ancient class of birds that urbanized multifaceted calls and sounds that allowed them to commune so that they could live safely and pleasantly in their societal groups. The Pionus are known for their intelligence. These birds, by nature, have timers set in them. If they are trained on the first day at particular time, the bird would expect the trainer to reach for it at the very same time. Next, is that the trainer must start up with words that are easy. Start up with words such as “hello” and then reward your Pionus if it repeats. One must not give up and try again and again till the time when the Pionus actually starts to speak. One must stay very calm as Pionus because these aee very calm-natured Parrots.


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