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Pionus Parrots Feeding

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

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A Pionus parrots feeding consists of many things that they eat. Many populace use to believe they consume only seeds but that is entirely not the.  They necessitate a well balanced diet just like humans.

When to give food, timings?

Pionus parrots are usually known highly for their intelligence. It is very much important for the people taking care of them, to actually set a proper timetable on when they should be fed. Feeding them with little portions, thrice a day, with 5-6 hour interval is most recommended.

Dietary Needs

Pionus parrots should be given food which lack salt and sugar, as it increases hyperactivity in them. A diverse diet mainly made up of live foods is best for these parrots.  Packaged seeds & nuts are also advisable.  Some parrots may necessitate more nuts in their diet while other parrots may not need them in their diet as much.  Some nuts are more calorific to certain birds and not to other birds. Fruits and vegetables should be rinsed, dried and cut into suitably sized pieces before giving to Pionus parrots. Fruit pits and seeds should be detached before giving them to a Pionus Parrot. Their diet must include vegetables and fruits, which these parrots usually don’t like, but they eventually get used to eat them.

Quantity of Foods to Give

As it is very much important to keep the Pionus active, the caretaker must feed the very decent amount of food. If a person actually fails in keeping the Pionus active, then one must reduce the quantity of food being fed, as these parrots easily gain obesity, which can be harmful for them.

Favorite Foods

Pionus parrots seem to like all that is not good for them. Such food contains fat, sugar and salt. Many kinds of Pionus like having different kinds of fruits and flowers in their diet.

Water requirements

Water must be constantly monitored, to ensure that it is fresh and clean and changed as needed. Droppings or stray morsels of food in water can promote bacterial growth; yet a Pionus Parrot will carry on drinking it.  Only clean drinkable or bottled water should be given to the parrot. All water given to birds for drinking, as well as water used for misting, drenching or bathing, must be entirely free of chlorine. It is suggested that one uses unflavored bottled drinking water or bottled natural spring water and never unprocessed tap water for these parrots. Distilled water is not very much favorable to their health, and can cause severe health problems, since it lacks minerals that are vital to imperative body functions.

Foods to Avoid

Any food or drink containing theobromine is prohibited. Chocolate, coffee, and tea contain theobromine can root over excitability, cardiopathy, and death. Utterly completely, Pionus parrots should not be given beer, wine, or any alcoholic drinks, as their livers are not able intoxicate them. Avocado, uncooked onions, salty foods and like chips, chocolate, sweetened treats like candy and alcohol are toxic to birds, so they should never be fed. Seeds in most fruits and vegetables, with the omission of melons and squashes, can also be toxic. Seeds must be removed from a particular food before they are given to the Pionus Parrots feeding.


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