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Pionus Parrots Breeding

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Pionus Parrots – Breeding - Pionus Parrots Breeding

Breeding Age

Pionus Parrots breeding can start as young as 4-5 years old. The breeding season for Pionus Parrots typically starts in spring (April or May) and continues through the summer.

The female will lay between two and four eggs, incubating them for an average of 26 to 28 days. Chicks can be pulled from the nest for hand feeding at 2 to 3 weeks after hatching.

Allowing the parents to initially feed the baby will ensure they are receiving the healthy, live bacillus needed for a strong start of life.


Breeding this bird is comparatively easy with regard to most of the species. First, one must make sure one has a perfect male and female pair.

There are several dependable methods of sexing today – surgical sexing, DNA sexing, and chromosomal analysis; make sure one of these methods has been used. Surgical sexing is still preferred by some breeders as it is quick and allows the avian vet to examine the bird’s interior organs, including the gonads, for any abnormalities.

How to make the bird feel comfortable?

The birds are usually made comfortable by removing any hard noises and too much of light. A larger cage also helps in making the Pinouses feel comfortable.

Any issues that may occur

Often during the mating, the male Pinous usually falls off the females back, for which, they have to redo the whole thing which causes exhaustion, and is rather discouraging.

The process

It is very important that male and female bird accept each other for mating.

First, the male stands on the female’s back. This takes a lot of good stability. If the female is not in the frame of mind, it will not stand still for him. After that the female hunches over forward to make her back flat for him.

Next, the male wraps his tail around the female’s body. The male’s tail is the one pointing down. The female’s tail is more horizontal. The male then tries to get his vent area in contact with the female’s vent area.

At this point in the mating, the male vigorously rubs his vent area against the female. Often during mating, the two Pionuses make face contact. Sometimes the male regurgitates and feeds the female during mating. Other times, it seems to be just face-to-face contact is what the Pionus Parrots breeding requires.


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