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Everything to Know About Pigeons Explained in Simple Words

(Last Updated On: 15/04/2017)

Everything to Know About Pigeons Explained in Simple Words

These birds have been domesticated through thousands of years. The first Pigeons habitat was in North America and later they were brought to Europe. They live everywhere, on trees, gardens, forests and so on. They descend from the breed of rock doves from the sea cliffs.

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The common Pigeons habitat include open and semi open environment, rock ledges in the wild. Moreover, the Pigeons hold back such long history with humans, that it is impossible to say anything about their origin.

General Behavior of Pigeons

Pigeons are very social birds. They are also known to be very courageous and inquisitive birds, but tend to link with their owners in a short time.

The plumage of Pigeons and doves vary a lot in family, and they come in all sizes and color variations. Pigeon keeping is the art and science of breeding Pigeons. People have practiced Pigeon keeping for about 10,000 years across the globe. Pigeons have a general behavior pattern. Some go beyond that with their unique and different behavior patterns.  Female Pigeons are hens, males are called cocks, and their babies are named as squeakers!

Another common question is about the performance behavior. Spinning/rolling involve backwards somersault. Young birds have the genetic inclination to perform but need opportunity to practice and increase their skill. Although Pigeons have shown remarkable deeds of insight when they are trained in labs, but a research shows similar abilities in untrained feral Pigeons.

Pigeons can actually remember human faces and can recognize everyone. This ability may have come about over the long period of association with humans, from early domestication to many years of living in cities.

The origin of Rock Pigeons is gray-blue in color with short tails and long, strong wings, whereas they dwell in diverse areas including deserts and grasslands, as well as urban settings. They are termed as the ‘Chunky birds’ with stridently pointed wings. These kinds of Pigeons are found in a diversity of colors and patterns, although all gray is most common. They have black bills with white fleshy bases and red eyes, pink or red feet.

The White Pigeons are also quite popular and well-liked by people because of their alluring looks. The benefit of keeping white Pigeons as a pet is that they will surely come back if you let them fly free. The physical appearance of white Pigeon is also somehow like a dove of peace. White Pigeon have a delicate appeal due to their special individuality. They have attractive voice; this is also one of the reasons for their admiration.

Some people deem that Pigeons can find their way back home because they have an implausible sense of smell and sight acquired by the magnetic field of the earth.

So in general, different Pigeons possess individual characteristics. But generally seen as in all their species is that, they are very fast fliers and are usually seen in flocks. They rummage mostly on the ground, but seldom scavenge in trees as well.

Unlike their sprightly, inhabitant cousin, the Band-tailed Pigeon, Rock Pigeons move about only ineptly in trees. Pigeons habitat is usually over utility wires, ledges, and building rooftops.

Feral Pigeons are also one of most abundantly found Pigeons in the world and they possess the characteristics of highly adapted wild birds. They’re very speedy and have been known to fly at speeds of up to 145km per hour.

Another one of its kind is the stunning and colorful Pigeon of all, known as the Nicobar Pigeon, which has continued to stun people for years. Unlike the rest of his family, the Nicobar Pigeon is somewhat thick-set with a moderately small head, but is heavier than most Pigeons of the same size. The general coloration is dark gleaming green, with a short white tail.

So when a person plans to pick a Pigeon for a pet, there are numerous decisions to be made prior purchase, but once it is done these birds can provide wonderful companionship for times to come!

Pigeons Life Span

The general lifespan of a Pigeon is about 5 years if they are in the wild. However, if they are well kept by people as pets, they may even live until 15 years.

They can be wonderful companions, so if anyone intents to keep pet birds, daily care and dedication should be part of the commitment. City Pigeons are known to have a lifespan of around 3-4 years.

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The Intelligence

These parrots are truly amazing and are popular for their ‘homing instincts’. Experts have found out that they can find their way back from a distance of more than 1,000 miles.

Keeping Pigeons can be a very exciting and addictive hobby. Pigeons are found to be mastering their tricks of co-existing with humans. These birds can also recognize objects and drawings/difference between images. They are also expert navigators as they possess a highly intelligent mind and sight. This ability can be compared to that of a three year old.

Pigeons also have the ability to share attention in different dimensions and they can be trained to perform various complex actions and response sequences.

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