Easy Lion Cut Grooming Tips for Persian Cats

Persian Cats Grooming in Lion Cut

Long haired cat shaved like lion is common these days. Often, long haired cats need to be given a haircut. Persian cats grooming in lion cut is most famous and easy hair cut ever. This hair cut is inspired by the king of felines, lion. Cat groomed or shaved like lion looks adorable. 

persian cats grooming in lion cut

Cat fur becomes matted and overgrown with time. Just as humans do not look good when they do not have a little hair trim or hair cut, similarly ,the cats with long hair need hair cuts. Some people think that Persian cats grooming in lion cut is cruel act or something against nature. Cat people ask this question randomly that Should I shave my cat? 

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Grooming cats is never a wrong thing, in fact, it is a favor. The long haired cat breeds need human help to keep them clean and perfectly groomed. In last post, we shared which grooming tools for cats at home are required. There are cat grooming salons now where all cat grooming services are provided on professional level. One can always find a good pet groomer near his/her place for Persian lion cut. 

Grooming cats with matted fur that is a mess needs special attention. It is not possible that all cat people or cat owners are capable of getting rid of matted fur and tangled hair. Cats are not always easy with grooming methods. Some cats react badly to even the routine brushing or combing. To avoid all the hassle, people take cats to groomers and although it costs high, still it is easy and safe way to go with the grooming. Shaving your cat at home would be hard for first few times unless you gain some experience. 

Check out this cute video that explains about lion cut. 

If someone wants to try to shave the cat at home then make sure about following the right way of doing it. Aggressive cats need to be sedated before grooming but it should be done by professional cat groomers only. Persian cats grooming in lion cut looks adorable and places with hot and humid weathers are favorable for this method. Lion cut Persian cats photos are shared on PERSIAN CATS fan page.

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