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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breed Temperament and Breed Information

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Breed

Body size

Pembroke Welsh Corgi are almost 10-12 inches in height. And they are long in body length rather than height. The weight of male Pem is around 12 Kgs and females are 10 kgs maximum.

Pembroke have high tendency to become obese, so weight should be monitored. Pembroke are well shaped and muscular. Apart from small legs, other body of Pembroke is just like any other big dog. Being short helps them to herd without getting kicked by legs of cattle and sheep.

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The Pembroke has double coated hair. The outer coat is not very long but smooth. They shed a lot, especially in fall and spring.


Pembroke have following standardized colors:

Red, Sable and fawn with white markings over head, muzzle, between eyes, neck, chest, legs and feet.

Red-headed tri-color with black body and red color on head, on side of muzzles, spots above eyes, on the legs. At few places, red color would hide under white, in this way tri-colors are formed.

Black-headed tri-color with black and red body, that also includes red and white markings on different parts of body.


Pembroke has almond shaped dark eyes that appear in the middle of face, closely distant with each other.


The ears of Pembroke are comparatively big and erected. The edges of the ear are rounded but overall shape is triangular.


Pembroke could also have natural bobtail, but most of them are docked during puppy-hood.

Temperament of Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Breed

Pems are small dogs but their herding instincts are big enough. They love family and become an active member of the house. They like to stay by owner’s side. They are considered very intelligent and they could be trained easily. Pems are happy with the kids around them but they should be treated in a good way.

Despite of being small dog breed, Pems are highly active and they need jobs to keep themselves busy.

They love to participate in farm activities. They could be good watch dogs, they bark a lot, although sometimes just for fun. But they are protective in nature.

Pems are very sensitive and they can understand the emotions of their owners. They try their best to cheer up the owners. A Pembroke Welsh Corgi is considered perfect to keep at house, they are very easy to keep and good learner.

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