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Pekingese – A Must Have Adorable Dog Breed

(Last Updated On: 26/04/2017)

Pekingese Dog Breed

Pekingese is a toy dog breed. The origin of this breed is China and this breed is closely related to Shih Tzu or Chinese Lion Dog. This breed is named after Peking, the city of China. This breed was favorites of Chinese Imperial court and it was a lap dog of many Chinese emperors.

This breed has been crossed lately with several other breeds to produce new breeds. The major health issue with this breed is that they are extremely sensitive and could easily have cardiac or nervous breakdowns. This dog has also tendency of overheating and breathing problems could also occur with high physical activities.

pekingese 1 - Pekingese - A Must Have Adorable Dog Breed

Life span of Pekingese Dog Breed


The life span of this breed is around 10-12 years.

Body Size

This is a small dog with a short height. The legs are small and paws are bit wide. The weight of this dog is around 3.5 Kgs to 6.4 Kgs approximately. The average height of this dog is 6-9 inches.

pekingese - Pekingese - A Must Have Adorable Dog Breed


The major feature of this small dog is its flat face and small body. The body is really short yet muscular. The short legs do not let dog to walk properly and the gait of this dog appears as if they are rolling or crawling on the floor.

The eyes of these dogs are big and round. The eyes are much prone to infections and tearing due to flat face and need regular cleaning to prevent any damage or infections around the eyes.

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These small dogs come in variety of colors. Cream, gold and black is most common. Other colors include sable, white, grey and red.

Color of the muzzle, nose and eyes is always black. The whole face is either black or the other color as of body; but mostly whole face is black.

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This breed has high grooming requirements due to long hairs. The coat could be trimmed in order to have less troubles and daily grooming. The areas around hind legs should be kept trimmed because of cleanliness issues.


Pekingese being a small dog is very adorable and makes a lovely pet. It is a lap dog and a good companion. They are also kept as watchdogs. It is better not to keep this dog with children and other pets. Its small size and sensitive behavior could result into some accident in a big family with kids. Although they do not need extensive physical activities but there should be some toys for these dogs. Even a little walk is advised so that these small dogs stay healthy.

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