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Parrots – The Training of the Parrot Bird

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

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Litter training

In order to train the parrot bird it is important to cooperate with the bird and make sure close attention is paid to any indication, which would tell the owner that the bird wants to relieve itself. When a bird is getting ready to relieve itself they usually flick their tails in upward direction but every bird has a different body language it is up to the owner to sit and observe their pet and notice if they act different when they want to relieve themselves. Frequency at which the bird eases itself should also be noted. Small birds defecate frequently. It depends on how much water a bird takes and how much food it eats as the bird excrete urine and feaces together.

After getting to know the release schedule the owner should pick a place for the bird to poop and most importantly stick to that place. The place chosen should be convenient for the bird to reach frequently without the owners help. One of the few places can be a garbage can, its own cage, cage liner or a newspaper (which can easily be disposed of). It’s a bit of a hard work on the owner’s part after this, as the owner has to take the bird to that spot, every time he scrutinizes it needs to poop and when the bird successfully does that it should be rewarded with good food. This is done to tell the bird that it did the right thing. The owner should not get angry and express it to bird if the bird gets clumsy and poops in the wrong place and just be enduring as this takes months of training for the pet to be perfect.

Teaching Tricks

In order to teach your parrots some tricks it is necessary to choose a place that is secluded and a time when your parrot is ready to pay attention to you. Teaching tricks to your pet when it is sleepy or hungry is a bad time. Pick an object that the parrot can chew on. It can be a pencil or a wooden stick or a thing that the parrot doesn’t play with usually. If he doesn’t show any curiosity then play with it yourself. After watching you playing the parrot will get attracted to it and would want it. Allow the parrot to touch it for a moment as he raises his foot slightly and when it does that, praise it. Use word that you don’t normally use with him. Do this again but this time give the object to it, when he tries to approach the object, praise it again using the same words you did the first time.

Teaching a trick requires monotonous work every day and allows the owner to spend great quality time with the bird.

How to Behave with the Bird at Home

A considerable chunk of time should be given to the pet bird. The owner should spend this time socializing with the bird and observing its likes and dislikes. The bird’s owner should know that it is important to fulfil the mental and emotional needs of a bird. Therefore, occasionally, when going out the bird should be taken along. Birds are known to be natural dancers so radio should be played in order to lighten the mood of the bird. Bird will learn whatever you teach it, so try to make and effort to have a strong long lasting bond with your bird.

Training the bird to talk (if it is a talking bird)

The first step is to spend some time with the pet and give all the attention to it. In other words bond with the parrot, show it that it is extraordinary. The owner should give the bird an idea that he has some expectations from it. Short words should be chosen for the first time and the tone should be fervent so that the bird is interested in it. Repeat the word and take out time every day and use the same word while waiting for the pet to mimic you. If the bird takes too long then try something simple such as whistling.

In the end don’t lose hope if the bird doesn’t talk as some parrot bird take months and even years to speak up.

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