Everything to Know About Parrots, Intelligence, lifespan and their behavior

Everything to Know About Parrots, Intelligence, lifespan and their behavior

Parrots are most famous birds that are kept as pets at homes. Being so attractive and connecting very fast to humans make them special pets.

They are  also known as psittacines are one of the most graceful and grandiose creatures which are considered most vibrant ones in kingdom of birds. Parrot consist of around 380 species of bird which are in general assembled into three families: the Cacatuidae, Psittacoidea and Cacatuoidea. They come in a variety of different sizes, colours and plumage patterns. They belong to tropical and subtropical regions. There is a great diversity of them found in different regions but if anyone of them is picked out, one will find that they have their own unique qualities. Here we’ll discuss Psittacoidea or true parrots only.


Physical Description

There is a huge collection of them and their physical characteristics are also different. They are of different sizes; divided into small, medium and large.

Small-sized parrots include Parrotlets that are less than 6 inches, Parakeets that have a wide variety of colours and Cockatiels that usually have grey bodies. At a certain age the male Cockatiels have yellow head with black feathers under their tails and females have grey head with yellow and black feathers under their tails. Parrotlets and Parakeets are discussed in details separately.


Parrot is a mystifying bird that not only talks but also remembers different things. They see things and feel them like humans do. When someone talks to them they respond and if they are praised then they appreciate it. They connect and bond well with people who express love and care. Parrot love to play, specially with children.

Life Span

A larger parrot is usually considered to have a longer life span as compared to a smaller one and it’s a fact that parrots life span in captivity is much less than its potential life span. This is because of the difference in environment or due to improper nutrition and veterinary care. Here is an estimate of life span of some parrots:

  • Cockatiel:20 years
  • Conure: 25 years
  • Amazon Parrot: 60 years
  • African Grey: 50 years
  • Macaw : 70 years
  • Cockatoo: 80 years
  •  Eclectus:85 years
  •  Lorikeets :25 years
  • Parakeets 18 years
Sub Breed

Sub breed are species which are bred to create a different variant of a bird or a secondary breed. Sometimes the people like to mate two different types of birds to create a different type of bird but at the end of the day it depends on the bird if he wants to mate or not and create an entirely new type of a bird. Eclectus can be an example of a sub breed. Parrots can be excellent household pets which can be a great source of entertainment because of their intelligence and talkinging habit.


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