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Parrots – Captivity and Parrots for Sale

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

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Natural Habitat

There are many parrots for sale in the market. Parrots are dispersed worldwide. As mentioned earlier, parrots are mostly found in tropical and subtropical regions in Africa, Australia, South America, India, Indonesia and many islands. But the rarest of all parrots have limited distribution and are limited to some specific locations. For example, Puerto Rican Amazons are only found in US and they are quite rare now.


Out of all the animals a person is most likely to be fond of parrots that are kept as pets. One of the biggest distinctions between a parrot and other pet birds is that a parrot could be tamed. They are born entertainers and keep the people amused providing them a good company. To keep the Parrots at home, they should be provided a comfortable and appealing environment so that they stay happy and healthy.

Caging and Types of Cages/Accessories

When buying a cage for your pet bird it should be kept in mind that no matter what the size of the bird a larger cage should be bought. The quality of the cage matters a lot. Poor quality cages can kill your parrots with poisonous metal and paint that chip off easily or wear out after sometime. One of the best materials for bird cages is stainless steel.

There are four types of bird cages

  • Dome top cages are the most spacious cages and allow the bird to fly freely.
  • Breeding cages are for a pair of parrots that are more likely to mate in the future.
  • Aviary/ flight bird cages are huge cages that allow the bird to fly around.
  • Parrot perches are for large sized birds and are made out of wood or concrete.

Some of the accessories that people might need to buy for their pet birds are sleeping racks, cage stands covers, toys or hanging toys, dishes or feeders, bird carriers, bird swings or ladders and light bulbs.

Amount of space needed

Different parrots have different needs when it comes to the amount of space needed by them. It is obvious that different size of parrots need cages according to their sizes. The person keeping the parrots should make sure that even the smallest birds get a large cage which is longer horizontally not vertically. Birds like to move about side to side and not up and down.

For birds like budgies, who usually don’t like to be cuddled, a larger cage is needed since they are not taken out of their cages and they need to fly around in the cage. Their cage should be around 20” X 20” X 60”; same goes for Cockatiels. Budgies and cockatiels can also be housed together. Larger birds like cockatoos, macaws and amazons not only need large cages but also large amount of space for play stand and toys.

Cleaning Cages

Cleaning the cage of your pet bird is one important step for the bird’s hygiene. Dirty cages leads to serious health problems. The owner should not only be providing the bird with clean food and water but should also make sure that the cage liner is changed every day. The dishes should be washed weekly along with the grate of the cage, which should be scrubbed. Perches should also be cleaned as with time dirt and wastes stick on it. If the owner has provided the bird some toys then they should be washed every week.

Toys for the bird

There are four types of toys for the parrots for sale.

  • Chewable toys that the bird shreds the instant it is put in the cage.
  • Foraging toys that allow them to forge for food like in the wild.
  •  Last forever toys, which are made out of acrylic.
  • Physical activity toys that usually involve ladders or swings.


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