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Easy Tips for Training and Taming a Parrotlet Bird

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Easy Tips for Training and Taming a Parrotlet Bird

A Parrotlet is a social and loving creature and you can teach it to perform various tricks such as to mimic, perch on a hand and to whistle on given signs.

The very first thing a person needs to teach a bird is not to bite. To do that, simply use a ‘NO’ as the ultimate command, and shaking the bird vigorously every time it tries to do that. At first, the bird might act quite stern, but by repeating the same act, a person is bound to train them, to act on command in no time. Female Parrotlets are found to be more stubborn in nature as compared to males.

Experts say that the key to their training is to be patient, be repetitive in the actions, to be stern and yet soft at the same time, and of course rewarding them for their positive behavior.

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Teaching Tricks

Teaching tricks to young parrots can be quite rewarding yet hard work at the same time, but they provide such sweet entertainment, so people are bound to try that. Before teaching them anything, make sure that they are happy and healthy birds, otherwise the experience with them will turn out frustrating instead. There are a variety of books and online resources on teaching tricks to Parrots, and it is always good to do some research before trying out anything new. The external sources can give anyone enough tips on training of these birds, so that the task eventually becomes easier in time.

Litter Training

Birds’ behavior should be observed carefully, to notice the signs they give when they are about to poop. However, since they are such small birds, a person can’t really potty train them in the real way, as can do with larger birds. But on the other hand, just teach them well, not to poop on the human shoulder!

One simple way to teach pooping in the right place is to note their timings. Whenever the feeling is that, they are about to ‘plop’, pick them up in intervals, lay down some tissue or newspaper piece in front of them, repeat some phrase and wait for the action. Sooner or later, you are sure to win this act, but, make sure to have lots of patience to watch over them.

So remember to take it easy! There will always be mistakes, just keep in mind all kinds of birds love to spend time with their owners .

Training a bird to talk (If it is a talking bird)

As clever as they may be, since these birds are quite small in breed, Parrotlets are only few in the world who can actually talk. Mostly are known to just mimic sounds and repeat a few small words. The only way to make them sort of talk, is to repeat same phrases all the time without fail, to make them recognize words.



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