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Safe, Harmful and Quantity of Foods for Parrotlet

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Safe, Harmful and Quantity of Foods for Parrotlet

Parrotlet, being the most active birds in a tiny package known to exist, are adapted to have lots of food and proteins in their daily diet. Even though they are small in size, they are known to eat a lot and more generously as compared to other birds of same comparable size. Their basic diet may contain thawed fruits and vegetables, seeds and pellets. It is strongly suggested to provide them with proper nutrition to ensure their sound health. Many kinds of seed mixes and pellets diets can be purchased from local pet shops or feed stores.

parrotlets feeding - Safe, Harmful and Quantity of Foods for Parrotlet

Dietary needs and Fresh water

Their feed should always be monitored well and kept aside from poop droppings and dirt. Fresh water should also be supplied every few hours. If the birds are breeding, it is advisable to sprinkle vitamin supplement or calcium powder on their food to maximize their potential health and well being. However, if the Parrotlets is being fed on a pellet diet, additional supplements should not be provided as this can cause serious health problems, as due to mutation it is believed that the Parrotlets may metabolize these foods improperly.

Favorite Foods

Now since they have quite an appetite, berries and fruits from the wild available commercially are also an ideal supplement. They even love to eat cooked food, but make sure if they are fed with it, never leave it overnight in their cage; as cooked feed should be removed within 2-3 hours of feeding.

Foods to Avoid

Care should be taken when feeding the parrots with fruits and vegetables, as some can cause potential risks to their health if not given in the proper manner. For example, stay away from Avocados. They are a dangerous food for Parrotlets containing enzymes which can cause instant death. Sharing food with your parrot at meal times can be a lot of fun too, but there are a number of foods which can be fatal for birds such as chocolate, which should not at all be given to the birds. Food high in salt and sugar should be totally avoided.

Feeding Quantity of Foods

Poor nutrition signs of a parrot comprise of feather plucking, overgrown beak and sometimes even blindness. On the other hand, overdosing can also cause serious issues. To keep away from such problems, green foods should be given once in a while which are rich in Vitamin A which helps in avoiding blindness and other severe health concerns.

Small portions provided at regular intervals are more than enough for a healthy parrot feed. Food suppliers can suggest tips for a varied diet feed and they can also advice the amount of each food to be given. Sun flower seed is one of the recommended foods, but they should never make up more than 40% of the parrot’s feed. High fat content foods should also be given in limited portions.

Diet is a critical aspect of a bird’s life and Parrotlet consume big portions of their food for their mental and physical stimulation. Also their intake varies from species to species and the place from where they evolve. Some species also like to eat commercially produced worms and insects, and in some ways it is also a good source of protein for them.

A novice bird owner should avoid and not attempt hand feeding to birds as Parrotlets can bite badly and cause harm to your skin.

It is also the pet owner’s duty to keep the feeding place properly cleaned and disinfected, while washing the food cups repeatedly to maintain good health environment for the young parrots.

Breeding and keeping pet birds can be a little time consuming task, however, if there are number of people in the family household, one can always take turns in upbringing a pet parrot and guarantee their long life.





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