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Parrotlet General Behavior and Talking Tips

(Last Updated On: 10/04/2017)

Parrotlet General Behavior and Talking Tips

Parrotlet as the name given by the Amazon people means “Little Parrot”, indicates they are small parrots but with an attitude. Parrotlet behavior is usually calm and quiet, making them ideal household pets. Nevertheless, if a person desires to make their little Parrotlets talk, there are number of ways to get it done.

Parrotlet Behavior - Parrotlet General Behavior and Talking Tips

A pet owner needs to be truly dedicated and attentive, once the decision is taken up to house such birds. Parrotlets demand a lot of attention; on the other hand they can be kept busy by applying various tactics.

General Behavior

They are quite comical and the size given, they can be quite amazing creatures. One should not misjudge them in their behavior as compared to larger parrots, as they also possess high intelligence!

Due to their active nature, they love playing and flying about, so it is suggested to give them some space outdoors at least 2 hours daily. They have a lot of energy despite their tiny size, and have fun playing or chewing on toys.

Often they come untamed when purchased, but taming them is no such tough task. Try to be social with them and reward them for their amusing actions. They can be really wonderful companions once taught manners in the proper way. They are also known to be very bold and inquisitive birds, which tend to bond with their owners in a short time. However, they also possess a fierce and attacking nature, so people more often, are apt to getting only one of them to keep as a pet.

The key to make Parrotlet behavior all friendly and disciplined is just proper training. Skillful training with the help of external sources such as books or online links with just a little bit of patience and concentration can produce great results.


Parrotlets can make small talk at times, but much likely less than that of a large parrot. There are various strategies that a pet owner can inhibit in order to teach a Parrotlet to talk. Their chirps and squeaks are soft and not irritating at all, and the little birds never scream.

Mostly Parrotlets are known to whistle, or sing a tune only when people are not in front of them. Nevertheless, holding the bird close to your face while talking can encourage them to mimic you and this can be part of a basic training as well.

Parrotlet Behavior1 300x216 - Parrotlet General Behavior and Talking Tips

Parrotlets at times can even repeat small words, so teaching them words repeatedly is suggested, instead of trying to teach them long phrases. Both male and female Parrotlets can talk or whistle at a very young age of about 3 months.

Grabbing a CD from a local pet store for ‘teaching talk’ to parrots can be fun and indeed, a very helpful tool.

Males often tend to talk more than females and they seem to watch the mouth and lips of a person in order to learn. So this task can be best accomplished with one-on-one interaction and the ideal time to teach them some stuff is when they are not angry or in defensive position.

Highly social and interactive as they are called but their voice is very small and not clear. Mimicking is known to be their best feature, so take a chill pill, make the most out of your little pet birds and enjoy them to the fullest!

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