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Sunbathing and Enjoying

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

Outdoor Cats

Cats are explorers, wanderers and adventurous. They have sharp senses that make it easier for them to find their prey and to keep themselves safe. Outdoor cats are strong, brave and survivors. Pet cats are usually kept indoors by their owners.  There are few indoor cat breeds, specially long haired breeds, which are meant to stay indoors in order to stay well. These cats cannot live in the wild because of their delicate body structures. Outdoor living kitties are muscular and athletic. They could jump and move easily and quickly. The agility and sharpness displayed by cats living outdoors cannot be learned by those cats which live indoor always.

Outdoor cats enjoy climbing on trees, chasing birds or mice, marking their territories and fighting with other cats that intrude in their area. The behavior of cats living outdoors is very different from those living indoors. Indoor cats are shy, less social and lazy. On the contrary, the ones who live under blue sky know it very well how to communicate with other cats and humans.

Not all pet cats belong to indoor environment. Those cats which are friendly, active and social should be given enough space to roam around (but with safety) garden area or some yard. It’s better if cat owners make it possible to take cats outside for walks. The usage of leash and harness is also common for cats during walks. It makes it easier for cat and the owner both to enjoy their time outdoors without worry of cat’s running away.

Cats love it when they find some prey, preferable some mouse or rat, and they love to chase it until they finally catch it and kill it. Not all cats eat their prey later. Mostly pet cats only love to hunt and they do not eat the dead. The best gift from cats to their humans is usually in the form of dead mouse or bird.

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