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Mastiff Dog Breed Details and their Temperament

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Mastiff Dog Breed

Mastiff are pretty big dogs and they can be extremely good dogs if you live alone. They can be good with other animals if they’re trained.

Body Size of Mastiff

Mastiff are giant dogs with big face, broad and heavy body. The weight measured for average male is from 70-110 KGs. Female weigh around 50-100 KGs. Average height level for male is 30 inches, while females are around 27 inches.

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They mostly have very short and smooth coat. This coat doesn’t need much grooming. There are long haired dogs in this breed too.


The shades of fawn, for example apricot fawn, silver fawn, fawn and brindle are common. The color of ears, nose, muzzle and area around eyes is always black.


The ears are long and they fall over the cheeks. They have round edges. Snout seems punched and somehow flat with a big nose. The eyes seems sunk in the big heavy face. Flat snout appears little hanging and the fold above nose gives a wrinkly effect to the muzzle.

The tail is thin and long and mostly tail docking is done in puppy-hood which is not appreciated everywhere.18157625 632074560321727 6076247327512072648 n 360x480 - Mastiff Dog Breed Details and their Temperament

Temperament of Mastiff Dog Breed

Although this dog looks fierce, but is extremely loving dog. They are very fond of their owners and cannot live happy if left alone or are neglected.

Only problem is that they are not smart enough to pick the commands quickly and that makes them hard to train.

They should always be treated with love, they are hungry for love and attention and it is a big thing for them to stay by side of their owners.

They are good guard dogs, they bark whenever there is a reason to do so. They are not high on activity side, they like to take nap and rest. But exercise is important to keep them active and slim.

They are so good and friendly that they don’t mind kids playing awfully with them. They love kids and stay happy in their company, but oversize could be dangerous for the small kids, as they might sleep over them or hit them with their wagging tail.

They are not interested in running away from house. They love to stay around and protect. They are not even friendly with other dogs. It depends if a Mastiff accepts other pets at home or not.

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