Maltese Dog Breed Details and their Temperament

Maltese Dog Breed

Maltese Dogs are famous for because they are extremely cute and adorable. They are also really good if you keep them as a family dog inside the house. Maltese do require regular grooming because they have long fur.

Maltese Body Size

Maltese have round face as it is totally covered with hair. They have black nose and eyes that appear like a shining button. The ears are small and hang over the sides of head.

The weight of this little dog is 3-5 KGs on average. The body height is 7-12 inches.

Maltese Dog Breed


These are dogs with no undercoat. They just have long hanging hairs which are very soft and silky. The texture of hair could be straight or wavy. The length of hair could be shortened for easy grooming.


These are pure white dogs with slight hints of pale colors sometimes.

Maltese Dog Breed

Temperament of Maltese Dog Breed

Maltese dogs are just like small kids. They seek attention of their owner and want to be at their side all the time. They are incredible lovely and keep the owners happy with their sweet actions. They are no different from any other big dog, as they love to play and sit in lap of their owners and demand love. They love to socialize and are not shy. They are highly alert by the sight of strangers but once they are introduced with that person, they are perfectly happy.

They can be accompanied with other pets but it should be made sure by the owners that they are taking proper care of these dogs by giving them all the attention and love.

These little dogs go well with kids, but if they are mistreated then this could lead to bit reservations. Being small, they should be kept safe from any accidents. They should be kept indoors with no options of running around neighborhood.

Activity level of this dog is low so they are happy indoors if they are loved and cuddled. The excessive barking is a big turn off despite all their beauty.

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