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Simple Tips for Keeping Macaws in Captivity

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Simple Tips for Keeping Macaws in Captivity

Macaws are beautiful looking parrots and are one of the largest parrots. Macaws in captivity require extra care which can be costly in terms of large cages or aviary with a number of large perches etc. Macaw’s captivity must resemble as closest to the nature as possible so that macaws can live more than 40 years in captivity with great health. Owners need to set everything in place before buying their bird.

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Space Needed

Macaws are large parrots so they require plenty of space to fully stretch their wings and fly/roam around freely. Since they have long tails and large bodies, they need more to easily fit and not sit all hunched up and uncomfortable with very less room to move about.

Care is required with the dimensions; for small Macaws the dimensions of the cage are different and they can be 24 x 24 x 18 that is W x H x D. The dimension for a larger Macaw is 5ft x 6ft x 4 ft. It is best to spend more once and get a bigger cage since the baby Macaw will soon outgrow a small cage.

Space needs to large and open with ample of sunlight and breathing space for macaws so that they can learn easily and enjoy their time.

Cage and Accessories

Many kinds of cages exist that have ladders and some are rectangular where as some are square. Round cages are not preferred since they limit space and can prove to be uncomfortable. Cage accessories are very necessary and they include: branches, green leaves, perches, swings bowls and other creative items and toys for entertainment.


Just like any other bird, Macaws also love to play with toys. Small plastic ones would work the best. Toys must not be made out of wood as parrots have a habit of nibbling on wood. Many toys are available that can help Macaws roll over and jump. These toys are mostly safe and Macaws can always play around with these toys easily and stay active.

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Keeping the Bird in the Open

Macaws in captivity can also be kept in open with ease. They are extremely friendly birds that can easily perch on table tops and on arm and fingers of their care takers. If Macaws need to be trained, then it is highly essential that they are allowed to sit in open in the house anywhere they want to just to make them accustomed to things and people around. Macaws like to stroll around and once they are let out in the open these birds can very well enjoy their time.

How to Behave with the Bird at Home

When a pet keeper brings a Macaw home, then that person needs to make sure that Macaws are loved, played with and talked to regularly. When at home a caretaker must never force these birds to sit at one place and do nothing at all. But the caretaker must pat and rub their back and neck and even kiss their heads sometimes so they know that they are extremely loved and cherished. These birds desire to be a part of all family events so that they can participate and entertain with their lively acts.


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