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Macaws Behavior in Captivity and How to Correct Bad Behavior

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Macaws Behavior in Captivity

Macaws are one of the liveliest birds. Due to extremely loving Macaws behavior, they draw attention of everyone towards themselves and are simply irresistible. They expect attention from their owners and respond to this attention with great enthusiasm. Macaw’s search for love and appreciation at all times, they desire to be noticed and given recognition. They quickly fall in love with their masters and these birds would do anything to be loved by their keepers. If they are not provided enough attention than their behavior may change negatively.

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General Behavior of the bird

Macaws are loud birds and tend to scream even without any specific reason. Since they crave attention, they make lots of noise if not noticed much or ignored.

Macaws are very active and playful. They stay alert at all times and never get bored of company. As much as they want to be entertained, they love entertaining. If given a toy they may enjoy it on their own for a while but then would prefer their owner’s inputs. This bird is not for people who are busy and simply want a decoration in their house, these birds want and deserve attention and are for those people who have enough time for them.

If ignored or allowed to be sad Macaws behavior would be wild towards everyone. This will indicate that they are not in the mood to communicate and are upset. High amount of effort from the owner will be required to win back the trust and affection of the bird.

If not feeling well Macaws would tend to sit silently in their cage and not perform any activity. This behavior is not normal for them and should send a message to the owner that either the bird is highly depressed or is unwell and requires treatment. Macaws should not be allowed to remain silent and on their own, they should be treated with high amount of affection and given attention.

Macaws Behavior 300x225 - Macaws Behavior in Captivity and How to Correct Bad Behavior


Macaws Talking

Macaws tend to talk less than other species. They are able to mimic words but they cannot speak or repeat fluently. When a Macaw is interacted with it will start picking up words from its surroundings and repeat them whenever in a good mood. These parrots are not actually talking birds but they are great companions. Their excitement is usually displayed by mimicking words.

Even though if a Macaw does enjoy a lot repeating words it should not be forced and overly trained to talk fluently since that capability is not in them. Owners cannot increase their memory to retain numerous words, they repeat a few words especially if they are positively encouraged and excited.

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