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Food Requirements for Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots

(Last Updated On: 20/04/2017)

Blue and Gold Macaws Feeding Requirements

Macaws are not very fussy about food and they are easy pets to raise. If a Macaw is kept from a young age then it can be trained to consume anything and everything that is normally consumed in a certain household. Still some food items are dangerous to their health and owners need to have enough knowledge to know what to feed, when to feed and how much.

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Quantity and Types of Foods to Give

These birds eat healthy foods and by eating healthy they stay healthy and live a long life completing their life span with ease. They are small and large, but if it is about large Macaws, then they need a specific quantity of food every day and three times a day. The quantity of food must change every time they are served with food. If they like to eat apples, then one apple is enough to satisfy their hunger early in the morning as they would also consume some amount of water with it. In lunch time they must eat rice, nuts, vegetables all those foods that carry some nutritional value, so that they grow to be healthy birds, one small bowl would be enough to satisfy their hunger.

Dietary Needs

Macaws are easy birds and they would always be willing and ready to eat anything that can be consumed by humans. They love to nibble and eat fruits. When it comes to seeds, Macaws enjoy sunflower seeds which helps give their feathers the right kind of shine and vibrant color in the feathers; all seeds are favorites. They are always happy eating foods that are made at home rather than eating commercial tin food for birds which may get repetitive, lacking variety. Food should be presented to them in small pieces so that it is easy for these birds to nibble and eat the food without any trouble.

Favorite Foods

Macaws can eat anything that is cooked at home and these birds have favorite foods that would include dry fruits and nuts, vegetables and homemade rice. In vegetables boiled potatoes are greatly enjoyed. These parrots are not so fond of tin food or pellets, they prefer flavor and variety.

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Foods to Avoid

Care takers must avoid giving sour food items like lemon or chilies. Although, parrots are known to eat green and red spices, but for Macaws, it is not healthy at all and one must avoid feeding them these. Avocado, guacamole, chocolate, cocoa, alcohol, caffeine, the pits of apricots, peaches, plums, prunes,  and foods containing or cooked in high amount of salt, sugar, grease, preservatives, artificial coloring etc. can be poisonous to the birds health and must be avoided.

Water Requirements

They must be given clean water 3 times a day. They require at least three glasses of water every day since they are large parrots and their diet is more.

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