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Lovebirds lifespan and How Intelligent They Are

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Lovebirds lifespan and How Intelligent They Are

The name Lovebirds is derived from the fact that they usually sit in pairs and very close by. They are very pleasant pets to keep and are full of life. Important lovebirds information should be read before keeping them so that the basic behavior and overall personality of lovebirds is known to the bird owners.

These birds are the smallest of parrots who love to chirp and sing throughout the day. They are clever and need social interaction thus should be bought in pairs.  They are easily available in many countries and they are sold in great number all around the world just to add beauty to the house and just because they are great entertainers and beautiful looking creatures.

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There are 8 types of these little parrots. Seven of the nine types are originated from Africa and the other two belongs to Madagascar.

Life Span

The maximum lifespan of these little birds is up to 25 years but the average is between 15 and 23 years.

Physical Description

The essential most part of lovebirds information is their physical features. These are small parrots; measuring from 13 to 17 centimeters in length even when fully grown. They are extremely light weight; weighing somewhere between 40 to 60 grams in their entire lifetime.

They have beautifully colored feathers and beak. They consist of a variety of colors ranging from blues, reds, greens and yellows. They have a short tail that is not perfectly shaped but blunt and short. Their beaks are small, edgy and sharp.

Sub Breeds

·         “Yellow-collared Lovebird” is a beautiful little parrot that is a great vibrant mix of yellow and green.

·         “Ischer’s Lovebird” is orange, yellow and green in color. This little bird has a dark red beak that is the most attractive feature of these birds.

·         “Red-headed Lovebird”, “Black-winged Lovebird” and “Black-checked Lovebird” all measure from 13 to 15 centimeters. They have beautiful colored feathers and small sharp beaks.

·         “Madagascars” are known to be the smallest type. The color of their head and chest is greyish-white while their back and wings are usually dark green.

Some of the birds are characterized as sexually monomorphic, means they look very similar and do not have any gender variances. Such breeds include the Black Cheeked, Peach Faced, Nyasa, Masked, and Fischer’s Lovebirds.

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Each breed is different as some have white rings around their eyes and some have black color around their eyes, being special and beautiful in their own way.


They are extremely intelligent creatures, their IQ equals up to that of a 3 year old child.

One thing that lovebirds keepers should know is that they could be trained. If one has all basic lovebirds information then it could be known how to train them. They can be taught various tricks easily if proper reinforcement and repetitive training is provided. They can instantly recognize their master and adopt the kind of qualities a pet owner would want them to possess. When they are given food on certain prescribed times, they would eat and not chirp unnecessarily to demand more food. These birds know the little details around their cages and they are also quick in escaping; they can easily break and open locks and quickly flutter away. They also respond to certain sounds and music.

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