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How Newbies Can Train their Lovebirds

(Last Updated On: 07/04/2017)

How Newbies Can Train their Lovebirds

Children love keeping birds as pets and training them can be one crucial task! Lovebirds training is important to make sure your pet bird behaves well and is able to perform activities according to its caliber. This article will provide information about all basic training tips to make them perfect pets and keep you entertained.

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A Lovebird is a social and loving creature and you can teach it to perform various tricks such as pecking on the shoulder, perch on a hand, waving their foot and to whistle on given signs.

The IQ of Lovebirds can be compared to that of a 3 year old child, one that can follow actions but can’t actually talk. The key to their training is to be patient, be repetitive in your actions, be stern and yet soft at the same time, and of course do not forget to reward them for their positive behavior.

  • Training Not to Bite

The very first thing a person needs to teach a bird is not to bite. To do that, simply use a ‘NO’ as the ultimate command, and shaking the bird vigorously every time it tries bite. At first, the bird might act quite stern, but by repeating the same act, only when the bird is about to bite, will cause them to act on command in no time.

  • Teaching tricks

Teaching tricks to young Lovebirds can be quite rewarding yet hard work at the same time, but they provide such sweet entertainment that it is definitely worth a try.

  • Waving the Foot

Birds can be taught to wave their foot by lightly touching their foot using a blunt pencil or a small dowel. Once the bird raises its foot, command “Wave” and praise the bird at the same time. After few times, bird will learn the trick of waving.

  • Training to Stop Screaming

Usually screaming is a result of neglect or a sign of an unhappy bird wanting attention. If they are spoken to regularly in a soft voice then they will stop screaming. These birds usually scream to gain attention talking and singing to them will have a calming effect on them.

  • Litter training

Birds behavior should be observed carefully to notice the signs Lovebirds give when they are about to poop. Since they are such small birds, they cannot actually be litter trained as well as large birds can but they very well can be trained to not poop on a human shoulder!

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One simple way of Lovebird training to litter in the right place is to note their timings. Whenever the feeling is that, they are about to plop, they should be picked up and placed on a tissue or newspaper and then wait for the action. This should be repeated at intervals and rewarded each time they poop on the tissue. Sooner or later, you are sure to win this act, but, make sure to have lots of patience to watch over them.

Remember to take it easy! There will always be mistakes and a lot of patience is necessary.

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