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Most Adorable Long Hair Cat Breeds

(Last Updated On: 10/03/2017)

Long Hair Cat Breeds

Usually longhair cat breeds are preferred over shorthair cat breeds because they appear more adorable and fluffy to a person when compared. Though the longhair cat breeds result in massive hair fall but the experienced cat owners and cat parents take care of it and brush off all the unnecessary hair when needed.

What differentiates a cat with long hair from a cat with short hair is a gene present in them which is recessive which means that there are exactly two copies that are needed in order to produce long hair of a cat. This means that if both the parents have long hair then the hybrid would be long hair and if anyone or none of them has long hair then their offspring would be short hair.

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Let’s have a look at some of the fluffiest longhair cat breeds:

  • Persian Cats: Persian Cats have long hair and silky fur that requires a regular and timely grooming to keep the fur smooth. You can find a lot of long hair cat breeds in Persian Cats Community.
  • Himalayan Cats: Himalayan cats have tremendous build and a fluffy coat just like a Persian.
  • Norwegian Forest Cats: Norwegian Forest Cats are also known as “Wegies” and have a very thick and heavy coat.

Longhair Cat Breeds are famous across the world because of their fluffy fur. These cats require a lot of care but they are also pretty and are mostly quite. For instance; Persian cats

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