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Best Short Hair Cat Breeds as Indoor Pet

(Last Updated On: 05/04/2017)

Best Short Hair Cat Breeds as Indoor Pet

Short hair cats or domestic cat breeds are usually the cats with fur no longer than an inch, in either solid colors or some patterns (tabby cat breeds). There are so many short hair cat breeds and some of them are American short hair cat and some are English cats. Exotic cat breeds and oriental cat breeds are also short haired mostly. The short haired cats are less hypoallergenic as compared to long haired ones and many people prefer to keep them as pets due to easy maintenance and grooming needs.


Cats mostly had short hairs until 200 years ago when it became a fashion to have different breeds getting crossed and then forming new cats with long hair. Short hair cats can fend and survive for them very easily and so there was no danger of getting tangled in tree branches, matted fur or being caught by enemies.

Today short-haired breeds are more robust, pedigreed Short-haired cats fall into three main categories which are British short hair, Foreign or Oriental Short-hair and American Short-hair. British short hair has a muscular body with short legs, the oriental or foreign Short-hairs have smaller heads and longer legs, American Short-hairs are more like British Short-hairs but they have long legs. Here are different breeds of short-haired cats:


These cats were bred in Egypt as seen in different paintings in the tombs and pyramids. The Abyssinian is available in different colors which include usual brown color, sorrel which is more towards light copper color, pinkish gray color and silver. Abyssinian cats are beautiful and are very graceful. They have large pointed ears, almond shaped green eyes and long tail.

abyssinian cat s6 300x275 - Best Short Hair Cat Breeds as Indoor Pet

Australian Mist

Australian mist is a cross breed developed in Australia in 1976. These cats are medium sized, round head and large eyes, Australian Mist can be a great pet for children as they are very gentle and tolerant. Australian Mist love living around humans and can be a great lap cat.

Australian+Mist+Cat+002 239x300 - Best Short Hair Cat Breeds as Indoor Pet

British Short-hair

British Short-hair is one of very famous short hair cats, which is also pedigreed and usually wins cat shows because of its physical features. British short hairs have punch or peke face with dense coat all over their body. They have a broad muscular body with short legs and are very chubby. British Short-hairs are available in many patterns and colors however the blue color is the authentic one rest are crossed. These cats are safe to be kept at home and among kids as they are tolerant and gentle.

Saxon 300x225 - Best Short Hair Cat Breeds as Indoor Pet


Burmese cats are from the 15th century and used to live in Buddhist temples in Myanmar. Burmese cats are available in different color varieties however brown is the original and most common color. Burmese cats are very affectionate, intelligent and loving, this cat hates to be left alone and enjoy living with humans.

burmese cat 5 300x224 - Best Short Hair Cat Breeds as Indoor Pet

Exotic Short-hair

This breed is very similar to the Persians; the only difference is the short hair. Exotic short hair has a short dense coat of different colors and patterns. In the 1950s, Persians were crossed by American Short-hairs and thus Exotic Short-hair breeds were formed. These breeds have bulky, chubby muscular body with round broad head, small rounded tip ears, short legs and tails and are punched or peke faced. Exotic Short-hairs can be an excellent breed to be kept as a pet and perfect as a show class cat.

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Korat is one of the oldest breeds in cats and originally came from Thailand. According to a legend these cats bring good luck to their owners. Korat was introduced in America in 1950s and later it was introduced in Britain in 1970s. Korat is a gentle and nervous cat; it has a dusky blue coat, with heart shaped face with round and bright green eyes.

Korat 286x300 - Best Short Hair Cat Breeds as Indoor Pet

Russian Blue

Russian Blues are one of the most famous cat breeds in the short-haired categories. This breed is very famous in New Zealand. Russian blue was introduced in Britain in the 16th century and is famous since then. Vashka was the famous Russian blue owned by Nicholas I who was the ruler of Russia. The Russian Blue has transparent ears, wide turquoise eyes, muscular body, long tail and wedge shaped face.

3295 - Best Short Hair Cat Breeds as Indoor Pet


Siamese is one of the most famous and popular breeds in short-haired kept as a pet. Siamese first arrived in Britain in the 1880s and it was gifted to the British embassy by a Court of Thailand. Siamese is available in pedigreed and they usually win different cat shows. These cats are very affectionate, hyperactive and love playing. At times they can be noisy and can be aggressive if faced by rivals, especially male cats entering its territory.

Siam lilacpoint 294x300 - Best Short Hair Cat Breeds as Indoor Pet

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is a domesticated cat breed which has a gene mutation in all of its body. Because of the Gene mutation the ears of the cat tend to fold downwards and forward. Scottish Fold are also known as Long Hair Fold.

Scottish Fold 400x400 - Best Short Hair Cat Breeds as Indoor Pet



Snowshoe is a rare breed of cats which was created by crossing a Siamese and an American Short hair cat. Snowshoe looks almost like a Siamese however their legs are in white color only and they were originated in America. These cats are rare because their production is very rare, during breeding there are very less chances that the kitten will be a Snowshoe. It got its name Snowshoe because of white legs. Snowshoes are very affectionate and loving cats; they enjoy human companionship and are very devoted to their owners.

SnowshoeCatLayingDown.ashx 300x228 - Best Short Hair Cat Breeds as Indoor Pet


This cat is a hairless cat. Its appearance is probably what everyone calls ugly or unattractive. Sphynx is a breed formed by genetic abnormality which occurred in some kittens, now this is a recognized breed. Sphynx have wedged shape face with heavy and tall body. Sphynx are sensitive cats and so they need extra care, they should not be exposed to sun or they might get sunburned or other skin damages. Because of no fur coat, these cats are hypoallergenic and they have a lot of ear wax, regular ear cleaning is required.

sphynx cat wallpaper 300x225 - Best Short Hair Cat Breeds as Indoor Pet


Tabby cats are very good pets. There are different pedigreed tabbies available which can be kept as an excellent household pet. They are not nervous and love hanging around humans. Tabby’s can be grey, orange, silver, chocolate and numerous other shades but one distinct point about this breed is that it has gorgeous tiger stripes all over the body setting them apart.

35734 Tabby kittens sitting together white background 300x264 - Best Short Hair Cat Breeds as Indoor Pet


These cats are very pretty and they have dense coat. These cats are mostly female and are hard to breed in perfect color. If one wants to breed a tortoise shell, then it is recommended to mate the tortoiseshell female with a solid colored black or red male. Tortoiseshell cat can be a charming cat, are very active and lively.

snow tortoiseshell cat 300x227 - Best Short Hair Cat Breeds as Indoor Pet

Ukrainian Levkoy

This is a hairless breed with its unique ears; the ears are folded in just like that of a dog. This cat has a long muscular body with soft elastic skin and almond shaped eyes. These cats are very social and enjoy the human companionship. Ukrainian Levkoy can be a great pet because it is affectionate, active and intelligent.

6c4931bf536d5ba85e19df0ce634cad5 300x218 - Best Short Hair Cat Breeds as Indoor Pet

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