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List of Foods Which are Toxic For Cats

(Last Updated On: 28/03/2017)

List of Foods Which are Toxic For Cats

There are so many cat food brands these days. Some people follow recipes for homemade cat food as well because they feel that its more safe.  Many lists of  best food for cats are also available all over the internet. But sometimes it is possible that what cat is eating is not safe for its health. Some diets have bad effects in long run and some give immediate bad results.

What are Toxic Cat Foods?

 Cats are always in search of food because they are predators by nature. There are several toxic foods which should be totally avoided to kept openly at house or the area where cat have access to roam. These toxic foods are sometimes human foods or any plant or some completely non-eatable item that is swallowed by cat accidentally.

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Cats should be fed food which is suitable for them. Feeding cats with human food that is cooked with several ingredients is not at all ideal for cats or any other pets. There could be many substances which cannot be digested properly by cats. If sometime a cat eats any leftover pizza or burger of the owner, then may be it doesn’t cause a very high level of harm but it is surely going to create troubles if cat adopts the habit of eating the leftover human food. The leftover food should be disposed of properly so that the cat doesn’t get into troubles in later times.

Foods to Avoid


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Here is the list of food items which are completely harmful for cats and could be really dangerous if given intentionally or accidentally. Sometimes it depends on the quantity of the undesirable food item that is eaten by cat. If the quantity was less than the effect could be avoidable otherwise effects could be really drastic. In case of emergency, always rush to qualified veterinary consultant so that cat’s life could be saved.

  • Cats should never be given chocolate, coffee or caffeine items; it acts as a toxic to their digestive system.
  • Sugar is harmful for the immune system of cats. Because carbohydrates are made up of units of sugar, they should also be avoided. Cats could also become diabetic, so sugar check is a must.
  • Canned tuna or raw egg whites deplete Vitamin E reserves of a cat.
  • Onions cause anemia in cats.
  • Cow milk causes upset stomach in cats.
  • Pork contains parasites that hurt a cat’s sensitive digestive system.
  • Liver should not be fed if Vitamin A is being added to the food separately.
  • Bones should not be fed to cats for they will splinter or pierce throat and stomach walls.
  • Pet food designed for other animals should not be fed to cats: their unique nutritional needs will not be fulfilled.
  • Commercial cat food with ingredients like ‘animal digest’ or ‘artificial flavor’ or ‘by-products’ should not be fed to cats.
  • Any alcoholic beverages could cause intoxication
  • Salt in large quantities which could cause electrolyte imbalances.


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In addition to these food items, there are many plants, fruits and vegetables which are toxic cat foods. For example root vegetables, grapes and avocado etc. So when it comes to having a house cat, the gardening and plantation choices should be made with special care.


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