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Long Hair Cat Breeds

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

Long Hair Cat Breeds

There are different cat types and breeds in species of cats as well. Long hair cat breeds look absolutely stunning and beautiful. There are few problems like cat hairball which makes these cats sick.. Similarly, few people cannot keep hypoallergenic cats and the long cat fur gives them allergies. Other important elements of relevant to long hair cats include cat fur matting, cat grooming, bathing a cat regularly etc.

All wild cats have two layer fur coats, and in all cold countries, all mammals, including cats, tend to have thicker and longer fur than those from hot countries. But no wild cat has the luxurious fur of the long haired domestic cat (although the Pallas cat comes close). Long hair would be a disadvantage to a wild cat because it would become matted and tangled in the bushes. However, because long hair cat breeds are very attractive, this characteristic was specially selected by cat breeders in the past and is now common. Some of the long hair cat breeds make excellent pets and are a part of house cat types. The Persian is probably the oldest breed of long haired cat, and most longhairs are of the Persian type. The breed may have been brought into Europe from western Asia on several occasions over the last few hundred years. Another very old breed is the Angora, which came from Turkey. Long haired cats are usually placid by nature and make excellent companions, but they do need more attention than short haired cat breeds.

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Purrs N Grrs has also dedicated a facebook Page to Long Hairs, especially Persians called PERSIAN CATS, Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/Persiancatz.

Below are the list and little information about different breeds of cats with Long hairs:


Angora was the first among the long hair cat breeds to be seen in Egypt. These breeds were originated from Turkey and one of the natural breeds. Angoras are available in different colors; however white is the original color. Turkish angora is loved for its beauty. Angoras are known for their silky long and shiny coat with eyes of color blue, amber, yellow, green, and also odd eyes. This breed of cat is very intelligent, active, if trained well they can be as helpful as dogs. Angora cat colors involve tortoiseshell Angora cat, white Angora, tabby angora and calico angora.

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Angoras can along well with children, humans and other animals around the house. They prefer sitting in higher places which includes shelves, top of furniture, top of sofas or on rooftops. Indeed, the Angoran cat is a low maintenance but enjoyable breed.

turkishangora - Long Hair Cat Breeds


Balinese is also known as long hair Siamese because of the coloration and set points. The cat breed Balinese is long haired but manageable. According to a tradition, Angoras and Siamese might have been crossed to create this breed. The Balinese is tall; they have long noses and have pointed ears. The Balinese hair needs weekly brushing. Just like Siamese, Balinese loves human attention and are great household pets and very active. Though Siamese is loud and noisy, Balinese will not make much noise and they have low pitch.

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A Balinese also was featured in the most famous movie ‘Marmaduke’ in which it was named Carlos. These cats are intelligent and can be trained well.

Bali Calendar Boy Super Kit 300x227 - Long Hair Cat Breeds


The Birman has a long and a taller body as compared to other long hair breeds cats. The Birman cat is a unique and stunningly beautiful breed. This cat has very similar marking to a Siamese however it is long haired, it was believed that in the past a Siamese and Persian mated which resulted in Birmans. Although the legend has it that the breed evolved from a white temple cat and so this breed is also known as sacred cat of Burma. According to a legend, a Burmese temple was attacked and the high priest was killed. His favorite white temple cat jumped onto his head and was transformed into a Birman.

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Where the paws touched the priest, the fur remained white, a symbol of goodness. This miracle encouraged the remaining priests to repel the invaders. If one wants to buy a pure pedigreed Birman, then it is important to note the seal point and the white paws. If we talk about birman cat personality, they are good companions. Birmans can be excellent household pet, they are very gentle, active and tolerant, and so they can be an excellent pet for a house with little children.

Birman Breeds Pictures 1 300x253 - Long Hair Cat Breeds


Cymric is a long haired version of the short hair Manx cat and is thought to be originated from Canada. It has a muscular body with sturdy bone structure and has a round body appearance. The Cymric Cat has a striking beauty to it. They have large eyes and their ears are far apart. The Cymric is available in three types, Rumpy, Rumpy-Risers and Longies. Rumpy is the one which is born with no tail, Rumpy-Risers having very short tails; Longies have a long full tail like an ordinary cat would have. Cymrics are loyal and affectionate cats; they love hanging around humans, children and can get very well along with other pets which include rabbits, hamsters, birds and dogs. These cats are fond of water, they are active and so they are very playful. The survival chances of Rumpy Cymrics kittens are very low, they usually die after birth or they die in the womb, and so this type is rare in Cymric.

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Himalayans is also known as Himalayan Persians are long hair Siamese. This is a fancy breed with broad and round body structure, short legs, and large round eyes of blue color. The Himalayan cat colors chart includes seal-point Himalayan, cream point Himalayan, flame point Himalayan, Blue point Himalayan, chocolate point and many other colors. Just like Persians they have peke face or doll face, Himalayans are loving cats which can be social, gentle and very affectionate. The Himalayan personality is often observed to be much more interesting as compared to Persians because of having Siamese in their traits. This breed is a good indoor pet, sweet tempered, and they love to be petted.

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himalayan cats 8 300x251 - Long Hair Cat Breeds

Kurilian Bobtail

This is one of amazing long hair cat breeds and was originated from Kuril Islands, thus this is how it got its name. This breed of long hair is known for its short and fluffy tail, arched back and hind legs which are taller than front legs. Kurilian Bobtail can be a wild cat and a domestic cat too, in the wild it is an excellent hunter and usually feed on fish, this breed is also fond of water. According to the people living Kuril Islands, they have reported that bears are actually scared of Kurilian Bobtail cats and they usually run away. This breed is known for its clever and quick nature and if trained and tamed well they can be excellent household pets. Kurilian Bobtails are available in different colors and patterns however the seal point is not accepted in the shows. These cats are highly active and so they need plenty of attention and playing time.

kbl fife lrg 300x257 - Long Hair Cat Breeds

Maine Coon

Maine Coon is the oldest breed in America and is large in size. According to a tradition, it used to roam free in the state of Maine in its early history and was usually compared to a raccoon, because it had similar markings and hunting skills. Maine Coon might have descended from farm cats and long haired cats which were brought from Europe by American sailors.

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Maine Coon is also known as American Longhair, and is available in variety of colors and patterns except for seal points. Maine Coons have long flowing coat, they are large among all domestic cats and they have pointed nose. Maine Coons are excellent household pets however they need to be looked after a great deal as they are very prone to different heart diseases which includes feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy as it has inherited autosomal dominant trait in it.

MaineCoonSilverTabby 300x218 - Long Hair Cat Breeds

Norwegian Forest Cat

This breed naturally adapts to cold climate and so has a long, glossy and shiny coat. The breed originates from Norway is very popular in Europe. This is a cat is strong and tall, some say that in the past it may have been cross bred with Maine Coon and Angoras.

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The breed has strong legs and good claws which help it to climb trees, this breed can survive very well in the wild. This breed needs serious attention in its health and owners are supposed to keep a close eye on its feeding as heart and kidney diseases are very common in this breed. This breed is friendly and intelligent; it can adjust very well with dogs and other animals. This breed is active and so needs at least two to three hours of playing. This breed is large in size and is quite heavy however it should not be fed with alcohol, chocolate, onions, raisins, nuts and other stuff as this cat is very sensitive when it comes to health.

Norskskogkatt Evita 3 300x293 - Long Hair Cat Breeds


Persian Cats

Amongst all the long hair cat breeds, Persian Cats are the most popular and widely kept cats which are known for their long hair, shortened muzzle and round face. The breed has long fur coat with short legs and body and is originated from Persia, which is now known as Iran. This breed is loved by millions of people from all around the world and is recognized by CFA.

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The breed is available in different colors, patterns and types. The types include Chinchilla Persian, Tabby Persian, Red Persian, White Persian, Blue Persians and various others. The Doll Face Persians is known as the Traditional Persians and are recognized by CFA, Peke face Persians are the other true breeds and recognizable. However today we come across many breeders who are selling ‘Pure Semi Punch Persian Cat’ but there is no breed such as semi punch, point dace or punched face, it is just a cross and so this is a scam to get money and to earn from these poor souls. Persians are the most popular pedigreed breeds in the USA and Europe. The breed is known for its beauty, intelligence and affection. They can be excellent companions and one treats them exactly like their own babies.

Persian cats 300x226 - Long Hair Cat Breeds

There are different health issues in Persians which includes respiratory problems (because of its flat nose), hairballs in the stomach (hair collected in the stomach due to self grooming), stones in kidneys and uterus (this breed does not drink water much and so care should be taken in not over feeding them with dry cat food), and different cancer and heart diseases.

Purrs N Grrs has a complete Facebook page dedicated to this beautiful breed and also other cat breeds https://www.facebook.com/Persiancatz

The page is one of the largest Cat based page on Facebook with more than 1 million fans.


This breed is thought to be a variant of the Ragdoll and is known for its beautiful appearance and super soft rabbit like fur. Ragamuffins are heavy muscular breeds which actually need 5 years to mature, it has broad chest, short neck and is broader in shape.

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This breed is very social and cuddly, they love hanging around humans and staying by their side always. Ragamuffins are available in different colors and are acceptable by CFA standards; however color points are not acceptable. This breed has a gentle nature and can be perfect indoor pets; they love climbing around and are very loyal to their owners.

coco 4b 286x300 - Long Hair Cat Breeds

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