Lion Cut for Cats

Lion Cut for Cats

Lion cut for cats is very famous technique for cat grooming. Lion cut for cats has its pros and cons and sometimes people think if lion cut is cruel or bad. Cats with lion cuts look extremely cute though. Persian and Himalayan cat grooming is usually done with lion cut. 

Lion Cut for Cats

It is always important to adapt to the styles that suit the weather conditions. During summer, it is quite difficult to bear the scorching sun and the hairs are probably hardest to handle. This is not only for humans but for animals as well. Lion cut for cats is commonly adopted by cat owners. Due to the natural process, the animals shed before the arrival of summer; during spring. The reason behind it is to welcome the new hair in the coming season and to get rid of excessive hairs that were required as a protection from cold. If we talk about cats, all long-haired cats shed, but it is not necessary that all of them shed a lot. Persian cats lion cut is best for grooming them in summer; should be done carefully by checking the signs if cat is getting over-heated and having tough time breathing.

When Persian Cats Shed?

Few cats, usually the ones with poor diet, shed a lot apart from the seasonal changes. Others shed due to some health problems. The above –average shedding of coat before the arrival of harsh summer is quite normal and not worrisome at all. The cat’s body will increase shedding with the increase in temperature. Pure Persian cats will definitely show the remarkable change in summer as compared to winter with their coat’s size.

How to Groom the Long haired cats?

There are different options to protect the Persian cats from summer heat. Those who know how to groom a cat with long coat would know the benefits of using these options.

Regular Brushing

Lion Cut for Cats

One is to brush them regularly and get rid of the extra and loose hair strands. By regularly, it means that brushing is done on daily basis. The extra hair will be gone and the coat will naturally become thinner and smoother. The biggest benefit of brushing the cat is that there are less chances of hairball. Otherwise cats could be really constipated and they would occasionally throw hairball due to excessive hair ingestion. Brushing helps to regulate the cat’s digestive system.

Lion Cut

Lion Cut for Cats


Another option for grooming cats is to give them lion cut. The cat lion cut is quite famous and it looks beautiful as well. The hair on tail’s end, legs and neck area are not shaved or cut short and the cat’s appearance is like a lion. Lion mane for cats is really appreciated because it looks good. Shaved cat is definitely not going to shed and would feel easy as well. There is less need to give a cat bath, which is highly hated by cats. Lion cut is done by cat groomers on professional level because it is hard to handle all cats during shave. For people who want to try the lion cut at home, always look for proper ways of “how to shave a cat?”. 

Some people are worried about the fact whether their cat would approve of this cut or not. In fact, many people ask that “Is it ok to shave a cat?”. Several people adopt this cut and cats feel extremely relaxed in summers. There is no reservation to give a cat lion cut except for the fact that cat is not already stressed or having any health problems. In such cases only, the hair cut could become source of problem or further anxiety for a cat.


Lion Cut for Cats

Simple Cutting or Trimming of Longer Hair

Lion Cut for Cats

If someone is in love with the furry cat and does not intent to lose the beauty of Persian cat’s fur then trimming is also good option. Trimming should be done from the belly area and around the legs to give cat some uncovered areas to reduce the body heat.

How to trim cat hair? Trimming could be done at home with pair of scissors but the cat should be relaxed before trimming and the hair should not be trimmed in close contact to the skin; otherwise there is risk involved to hurt the skin. Its best to do little research on “how to cut cat hair?”

Cat Reactions to Haircuts

Lion Cut for Cats

Some cats develop anxiety if they lose any patch of hair on their bodies. Cat haircuts could result into some problems. In such cases, a cat should be given attention and love. Do not let the cat lick that hairless area excessively. Gently stop your cat from licking or self-grooming of hairless area but do not scold her. It will take the cat little time to adjust with the new haircut or coat. It is important that cat is not given a haircut that injures the skin or gives any danger to get sun burns on hairless skin. Cat without hair often get hurt by sunlight and develop skin problems.

Summer season is full of its fun but summers also require extra care. In order to stay cool and happy, lion cut for cats with long fur, well-hydrated bodies and naps in long sunny days are a must.


Check out these beautiful pictures of Persian cats in lion cut:


Lion Cut for Cats Lion Cut for Cats Lion Cut for Cats Lion Cut for Cats Lion Cut for Cats Lion Cut for Cats Lion Cut for Cats Lion Cut for Cats


 Cat shaved like a lion is not a fashion thing. It is sometimes a big necessity for kitties with bad hair, fur or coat. 

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