Leopard Geckos – Breeding

Leopard Gecko Breeding

To determine Leopard Gecko’s gender:

The first step to Leopard Geckos breeding is their gender identification. They can be identified by their physical appearance that is, male geckos are larger and broader than females. Male Leopard Gecko can be identified be looking the underside of their bodied. Males have hemipenal bulges and pre anal pores. Females do not have any bulges and have a small and a lesser amount of anal pores as compared to males.

leopard geckos

The breeding pair:

When the leopard Gecko breeding season arrives, a male Leopard Gecko identifies a female Leopard Gecko by smelling pheromones present on the female skins. It is important to select a healthy pair of Leopard Gecko. The owner should keep them under supervision when putting them together. If the male starts biting female’s tail then this is normal and

Breeding season:

The Leopard Gecko breeding season is the summer season, a female can store male sperms for the entire breeding season and can produce 3 eggs from every two copulations with those sperms. The interesting thing about the Leopard Gecko breeding is that they can be bred according to the gender, that is the human can control the sex of the hatchlings to be born. Females can produce when hatched in cooler temperature and males can be hatched when produced in higher temperature. Sometimes in higher temperature females are also hatched but they are mostly infertile.

leopard geckos



After the Leopard Geckos breeding procedure, when the female is pregnant a high amount of calcium and vitamin is recommended in her diet to keep her healthy and also to help her regaining her weight after laying eggs. A female can lay minimum amount of 6 and maximum amount of 8 clutches which have 2 eggs present in each. After 25 days of mating, females will lay these clutches and after  a period of 45 and 60 days the egg shells will shrink in size, they will get  paler and collapse, this is a sign that the hatchlings are about to hatch.


The baby leopard Gecko has one baby tooth on the end of its snout, this baby tooth helps the hatchlings to break the egg while hatching, after a couple of days these tooth falls. Baby Leopard Gecko don’t eat anything until they shed their skin, after one day of hatching they shed their skin and then that skin is either consumed by mother or the babies themselves.


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