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Leopard Geckos – Leopard Gecko Care and Feeding

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

Leopard Gecko Care and Feeding

Leopard Gecko care is very important and feeding is the most important part of it. need their diet regularly and in order to stay fit they also need specific supplements. An owner can feed these lizards with live worms, crickets, super worms, meal worms, wax worms, flies, cockroaches, silk worms, butter worms and other insects. Pinky mice can also be fed; these are mice babies which are only one day or a few hours old.

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An owner should feed their geckos with insects available in their garden because they might be carrying parasites or they might have been sprayed with some insecticides previously. Insects available indoors such as cockroaches and other bugs can be fed. In case the owner cannot find any of these at home then they can always buy a supply online.

Different kinds of worms and insects are available at different fishing stores where fishermen usually buy these worms when going out for fishing. In the Leopard Gecko care they usually enjoy eating these insects alive; they won’t eat a dead prey unless you have to feed them by force. These lizards need sufficient amount of Vitamin D3 and calcium so an owner must sprinkle these supplement’s powders on the insects and feed them.

Quantity and feeding time

A Baby leopard Gecko should be fed during the cooler time when it’s active. The quantity, taking crickets for an example, a baby must be fed 3 to 5 crickets with supplements dusting over them. During this time watch your pet and check if it’s still searching, this means that it needs more. If you have fed him more and then you notice he is relaxed and not eating anymore then take out the left out crickets and save them for later use. An owner can observe their pet’s daily diet this way.

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An adult Leopard Gecko should be fed two times a day and 5 to 8 crickets at one time. As mentioned above they can monitor their diet whether it needs more or is already full and this is very important to follow for the complete Leopard Gecko care.


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