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Kitten Behavior and Training

(Last Updated On: 15/02/2017)

Kitten Behavior and Training

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Kitten behavior is sometimes not very easy to deal with because kittens behavioral problems are equally common. Kitten care is key to normal kitten behavior. Five month old kitten behavior will be definitely different from a five year old cat’s behavior. We have seen those “cat whisperer” shows where they teach how to care for kittens and how to teach a kitten not to bite?

Kittens are amazing with high energy, passion to play and inquisitiveness, kittens tend to perform various activities every single day. It is important to understand what is kitten play. Handling kittens is hard because they cannot be controlled. Kitten play behavior is rash. The big misconception is that people ask why is my kitten so aggressive because kittens bite and scratch a lot. Understanding kittens’ behavior helps a lot to ask such questions. 

Sometimes kittens also end up in some accidents. They might eat or swallow something wrong or just fall from height during play. There are just so many concerns regarding kittens that people sometimes feel they have made a mistake by having a cat. As a matter of fact, kittens are extremely playful and energetic but this is not going to last very long and eventually the grown up cat is going to be much calm, placid and peaceful.

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Here we are discussing some major problems while having kittens at home along with their solutions:

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Biting and Nibbling

People want to know how to teach kittens not to bite. Kittens bite and nibble while they are teething. They would chew anything and everything which comes in their way. Whether it is some toy, shoe, household item or human fingers or toes, kittens would chew everything. The solution to this biting problem is to provide the kittens with right chewable toys. When kittens have their own toys to chew on, they would not focus on other stuff to chew. Similarly never let kitten adopt the habit of biting fingers or toes. Whenever kitten is doing so, try to stop it by engaging kitten’s attention towards some toys. Also make some loud rejection sound like “No!” so that kitten could start learning that chewing is a bad behavior.

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Jumping or Attacking

Again this is something which terrorizes some kitten owners. Kittens would jump or attack on feet, legs or any moving part of body. This shows their natural cat instincts. Kittens try to jump on moving objects as they are learning how to attack or hunt for their food. It is always better not to respond while your kitten attacks your moving hand, feet or legs. Gradually kitten would understand that attacking is not resulting into anything and would quit doing that. Another solution is to provide kitten with crawling or moving toys or balls to keep them busy. Toys are helpful is making kittens happy and busy. Kitten care includes the opportunities of good learning and fun.

Threat from other Pets

Kittens are innocent and all they know is how to play. Whenever kittens are kept with older pets e.g. other cats, dogs or birds, special care should be given. Older animals are less tolerant of smaller ones. They might harm the kittens when kittens are trying to play or jump over them. This could result into some serious life threat from other animal’s side. The solution is to leave the kitten alone only with smaller pets otherwise they should always be monitored carefully. If kittens are attacked by older dog or cat then it is also possible that kittens develop some kind of fear for the rest of their lives. Kitten socializing is equally important aspect of kitten’s behavioral development. 

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Kneading Habit

Kittens learn kneading when they are being fed by their mothers. They use their paws to stimulate the mother cat’s milk production and supply. Kneading is associated with love, affection and safety that kittens receive while they are under protection of their mothers and kittens continue to do so for the rest of their lives. Some people do not like kneading habit and they repulse kittens behavior. There is no solution to kneading habit but the kitten should not be rejected when they are kneading. They are simply looking for love and affection.

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Kittens should be trained from their early days and although it is hard to train them because they are not going to pay much attention, still they would start learning gradually. Kitten care suggests that they should never be hit or mistreated if they do mischief because they would lose trust on the owners and start developing bad habits.

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