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Kingsnakes Housing Terrariums

(Last Updated On: 19/05/2017)

Kingsnakes housing Terrariums

Kingsnakes are comparatively small and don’t require a large enclosure, so Kingsnakes housing is easy. An adult Kingsnake can easily live in a 40 gallon glass tank terrariums. It is recommended that one purchase a King snakes housing tank with secured lid on the top, these snakes are excellent in escaping their enclosure and can easily open a lid because they are powerful. A proper lid for King snakes housing enclosure should be purchased which must have lock system.

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If one is keeping a Kingsnake in captivity, it is recommended that one should give them a proper environment and so special considerations must be taken for their heating system. To keep the temperature warm, one can use Kingsnakes housing under terrariums heaters.  With these heating equipments, temperature must be kept at 80C to 85C in the day timings which must be 14 hours long, and during the night timings the temperature must be kept at 70C to 75C. Unlike other reptiles (such as lizards) they do not require extra lighting or heating system, too much bright light can cause skin burns to them or they may always stay under hiding because of too much bright light.

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Artificial tree branches, climbers and hiding boxes must be placed in the Kingsnakes housing so that the snake can move along, climb on the branches and also hide when it needs to. For flooring, one can use pine bedding and aspen bedding. Cedar bedding is highly un-recommended because they can cause respiratory diseases in them. Paper towels and newspapers can also be used.

A large bowl of water must be placed in their enclosure because at times they want to sit in the bowl during shedding, to take a bath and also for drinking purposes. The bowl should be large enough to hold its whole body. The Kingsnakes housing must be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure a healthy life for your pet.

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