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Breeding King Snakes and Caring for Them

(Last Updated On: 31/05/2017)

King snakes breeding

For King snakes breeding, like other snakes, Kingsnakes must be introduced to Brumation. For two months the enclosure’s temperature must be dropped so that the snake must go under hibernation. Preferred season for King snakes breeding is winters. After two months the enclosure’s temperature should be brought to normal, and during the spring season they should be introduced to their mates. When a male is introduced to female,kingsnakes breeding 300x224 - Breeding King Snakes and Caring for Them

the male will roam around the female and then will mate with her. In the midsummer the female will lay her eggs and then in early fall these eggs will hatch. Both the parents usually get along with their offsprings but it is recommended they should be kept in separate enclosures which can result in a successfull King snakes breeding.

Adult Kingsnakes mature at the age of 3 years, a female lays about 3 to 13 eggs and the incubation time for the eggs is 2 to 3 months. King snakes breeding is very easy in captivity and is hihgly successful.

King Snakes Feeding

In the wild Kingsnakes eat other snakes, even those which are venomous, like rattlesnakes, cottonmouths and others. They can also eat rodents, bird eggs and turtle eggs. In the captivity, an owner must feed their snake with a dead rodent. These rodents must be purchased from a pet store in bulk quantities. One rodent must be fed once in a week. The owner must always purchase these rodents from a reptile dealer or a pet shop instead of capturing a rodent from the wild, these wild rodents might be having deadly parasites present on and in them, and a live rodent may attack the snake which can be fatal for your snake.

Hatchlings must be fed with pinky mice or grasshoppers. The way of feeding a Kingsnake is to hold the dead rodent by its tail by using tongs and keeping it in front of the snake, the snake will then strike on it and will eat it. Fresh water must be kept in their enclosure and it must be changed on a daily basis.

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