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King Snake Description and Behavior

(Last Updated On: 19/05/2017)

King Snakes

King snake got the name from their eating preferences. This is one of those snake species who can eat other snakes whether they are non-venomous or venomous; this is how they got their name. They are known as king of every snake because they can simply eat them and are resistant to their venom. They are widely spread in the USA and are being kept as pets at home and are being bred in captivity.

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Physical Description

King snake has a lifespan of 20 to 30 years, if a person is thinking about keeping them as pets they have to think about giving them their 30 years from their lives, it is a long time commitment. They have a length of 36cm to 213 cm and a hatchling have a length of 10 to 30cm. These snakes have a weight of 1.5kg on average.

They are beautiful and attractive to the eyes. They have a number of patters and color variation on their body, the most commonly found and recognized is the light colored band pattern on the body with light coloring. Some have stripes on their body while others have spots and dashes. They have different pattern variations so that they can stay safe from predators such as hawks, badgers bobcats and other Kingsnakes.

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King Snake Behavior

The best thing about these snakes’ behavior is that they are non-venomous snakes and so they are kept in captivity with ease. In the wild, these snakes use constriction to kill their prey and then eat it. In agression, they will strike and grab the hand by using their powerful jaws. If one has kept their hand in the Kingsnakes enclosure to hold it, if the snake moves away from the hand and shows its gapping mouth and hisses, it’s a clear sign that it wants to be left alone.

These snakes are easy to be cared for, and so they make excellent household reptile pets. These snakes are docile in nature, they are gentle and curious. They can easily be handled by children and adults but only when they are in a mood. If they are disturbed and is held by force it can result in powerful bites to humans and stress for the snakes. They may fight when males are introduced to each other because of the territorial issue, and this can result and death of one of them as one can eat other King snake.

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