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Cage Size and Accessories for Keeping Amazon Parrots in Captivity

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Cage Size and Accessories for Keeping Amazon Parrots in Captivity

Amazon parrots are very entertaining bird species and are one of the most kept pets at home. Each pet has its own needs and requirements and each owner should know what the perfect conditions are for keeping Amazon Parrots in captivity.

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Amount of space needed

A cage for keeping the Amazon parrots must be between  39″ – 59″ (100-150 cm) in height and have a base of about 23″x 39″ (60 x 100 cm). It must provide a healthy space for branches, food dishes and a large enough play area. Too many items should never be fit into a cage making it over-crowded; there should be enough room to allow the parrots to expand and flutter their wings and for an indoor flight. In short it should be big enough that the bird’s head does not touch the top and should have enough space available for unhindered movements.

For outdoor breeding the cage should have the size of 1.5 – 2.5 meter high and base of 1m2area approximately.

Cleaning the cage:

A cage is a bird’s home and not cleaning it can cause serious health problems for the birds and sometimes for the owners also. The cage must be cleaned properly on a daily basis.

Before cleaning, the cage must be emptied and the birds should be moved to another cage or a room or any other safe place. Firstly the food dishes and all toys/accessories must be removed and cleaned thoroughly. The floor should be treated with a piece cloth and the rest can easily be cleaned using a mild dish soap, baking soda or table vinegar. Any anti-bacterial liquid can be used for killing germs, making the cage completely clean and healthy for the bird.

Keeping the bird in open:

The Amazons must be freed from captivity in company of the owner on a daily basis. This daily activity will boost their mood and help in an overall lively and healthy lifestyle. Preferably a closed space is best to let the bird out of its cage but a balcony or garden free from any lurking cats will provide great amusement for the parrot.


Amazon parrots are full of life and very playful thus ample toys are required to keep them busy and delighted. It is imperative to choose highly safe toys for your bird as others cause severe injuries that leading to death.

Suggested toys are swings, perches, riggings, and chewable safe wooden toys as Amazon are great chewers. Toys should be rotated regularly for keeping their curiosity high. All electric wires and chewable plastic toys should be kept at a safe distance.


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