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Keeping a Hamster Happy and Healthy

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Keeping a Hamster Happy and Healthy

Keeping a hamster happy and healthy is a bit of a challenge even though Observing him in doing its amusing tricks in its cage is enjoyable in its own right, but hamsters can also be entertaining when put in open-air, outside their cage. When the hamster is comfortable to being held, a hamster will come out of its enclosure and relate with the owner in the area.  The option to play and intermingle with the individuals external to its pen is vital for the well-being of a hamster, above and beyond just being an entertainment.

Hamsters that are accustomed to being held delight in being cuddled. The owner should take care not to embrace the hamster too hard! Once out of the cage, a hamster will also adore to climb upon the owner.

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Holding a hamster can be fun but if you dont know the right way a hamster can get injured.

Use of Exercise ball
Another great approach for letting a hamster play outside its cage will be the use of an exercise ball. Once inside the sphere, the hamster can enjoy and be benign from the other domestic pets for example dogs and cats, even though the owner’s supervision will still be necessary. One should limit the hamster’s play time in the ball to no further than fifteen or twenty minutes, ending the exercise with giving the hamster a chance to eat food and drink liquids.

A Play pen
The owner can buy their hamster a play pen in order to make certain that the hamster stays limited to a specific area. Care should be taken while purchasing the play pen that it should be bigger than the hamster’s confine, so that the pet gets more area to run, play and explore. One should put some toys and channels inside the play pen to render it exciting for the hamster.

One of the vital tasks to be done while handling the hamster in the play pen will be the owner’s careful supervision in order to make sure that the hamster does not escape. One may want to shelter the play pen with a good mesh shade in order to avert an escape. The owner should keep other animals out of the play pen in the course of the hamster’s leisure time. Even though the pet is safe and sound in the confinement, the incidence of other animals might be worrying for the hamster.

Safety Precautions
When the hamster is taken outside the cage and the owner takes the hamster to play in a room, one should make certain that the room the hamster is taken into is free of any vulnerability, for instance electrical cords, lethal plants or tiny spaces where the hamster can jam itself in and hide. A decent place to play with the hamster can be a hygienic restroom with a fastened door. One should also make sure that the commode lid is downcast so that the pet does not go for a swim by coincidence.

Thinking like A Hamster
Despite of all the precautions and supervision, if something improbable takes place, and the hamster gets free, the owner should then “ think like a hamster” to increase the likelihoods of getting it back to the pen without any harm. One should start the quest close to the hamster’s cage. If one is lucky enough, the hamster will not be far away. The ideal places to look for it are, on the floor in arrears to the furniture, beneath the furniture and sandwiched between sofa and chair cushions.

Favorite Hiding places
Hamsters can, and like to, climb, and these like to hide in trivial, shady places, so one needs to look inside the drawers, on the bookstands and even inside boxes together with shoe boxes or tissue boxes and also inside one’s boots or shoes. One should not overlook a spot merely for the reason that one thinks that the spot is too trivial for a hamster to hide in. these have a tendency to squeeze into or under things, one has no idea about.

The food trick
If the owner fails to find the hamster even after this, then, one should leave the cage open and place the hamster’s much loved food proximate to the cage as well as inside it, turn the lights out or wait in anticipation of dark to see if the hamster shows up. One might also need to set out a number of food pieces covered in flour. If the hamster discovers the food and eats it and goes back to the hiding place, its tracks might lead the owner to the hamster’s hiding place.

Keeping a hamster happy and healthy can increase his age.

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