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Keep your Cats Active and Healthy with Cat Toys

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

Cats need a good amount of exercise, everyday they need to have p0laying time so that they can stay active and healthy. There are many things cats can play with, however if you want items which will keep your cat busy and also yourself entertained then having cat toys is a must. You will be surprised to see how cute your cat will act with those toys and how excited or active it will get by playing with them. There is variety of toys available however those which move fasts, are long and have something to do with strings are their favorites.

If you want to make your cat move its body, then the Cat Dancer Toy is a must have. It comes with a wand attached with a strong of colored cloth which is pretty thin, and when you move it in the air or on the floor, your cat will jump to catch it. Cat Charmer is an interactive cat toy designed to charm and not harm. With a polycarbonate wand and very colorful fabric, Cat Charmer provides excellent aerobic exercise and is a safe interactive toy for all kittens, cats, and kids. Now with bright new candy colored wands and a fun selection of colors.

cat toys 1 270x300 - Keep your Cats Active and Healthy with Cat Toys

Another one which will make your cat go crazy is the Mouse String Wand. The Cat Catcher Teaser Wand toy has a cute little mouse attached to a flexible braided wire and then connected to a 12″ glitter wand. The mouse averages 2 Inch in length with a tail that averages 3 Inch. It is a fantastic toy to interact with your kitty for it to play with and exercise. Colors may vary. The Cat Catcher is handcrafted in the USA from top quality materials as with any product. Please supervise your pet’s use of this toy. Inspect product often for rips or tears and remove toy if damaged or if parts become separated, as injury may result. The Feather Rod wand is also similar however have bird feathers on it.

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cat toys 3 300x300 - Keep your Cats Active and Healthy with Cat Toys

Want to have some new toy for your cat? Something which is up to the latest technology? The Cat Circuit Tunnel Toy is what you should own. Toy Targets your cat’s senses while providing entertainment. It is Motion activated, flashing ball for interactive visual excitement and also has the ability to have additional tracks attached. Includes: -Includes: 4 tracks, 2 end caps, 1 ball.

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Cats are complete suckers for light reflections. Whenever they will find something bright, shining and moving, they will always go after it, same case is with the laser light. You will find that when the laser light reflects the ground, your cats will go crazy catching that one spot of light and may even want to climb the walls to catch it. One can purchase the Cat Laser Toy which is one of the most entertaining cat toys you would have ever purchase. Your cat will never get bored of playing with the laser lights and will go anywhere to catch that spot.

cat toys 5 300x300 - Keep your Cats Active and Healthy with Cat Toys

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