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Iguanas – Iguana Bite and Relationship with Housing

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

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Depending upon their nature, the Iguana bite can be painful or not painful at all. At times, these lizards can be very distressed because of their housing and so in distress they may bite their owners when touched or held in hands. In order to keep the lizard happy and their behavior and nature calm, having the best and the most proper housing space is highly recommended. Here on should keep in mind the type of cages or tanks being used, the material they are being used, the number of lizards to be housed, their sizes and other accessories needed by the enclosure.

 Iguanas have quick growth, you’ll notice it outgrowing within the period of one year. Iguana must be provided with proper captivity; owners can buy commercial cages or build them. The iguana is a large lizard and so it needs a good amount of space to grow. If one wants to buy a commercial aquarium, then they should be made in order as iguana aquariums are made on custom orders only. The size of iguana cage must be 3 feet in width, 6 feet in length and 6 feet in height. The advantages of buying commercial cages are that the person who has built them is an expert and has met all the things which are required by an Iguana.

If one is looking forward to make an iguana cage by himself then he should have a good proper idea of what material to use and how to use the tool. He should know that Iguana need space to move around and to hide, and maintenance is also important, especially maintaining the temperature. Iguanas need space to climb and so a proper Inhabitant is required in the cage or aquarium.

One can also keep their iguana free, that is, it is not necessary that they should be caged, but the owner must keep them under their supervision. Iguanas love roaming around and they enjoy tasting everything in their way by their tongue. If one wants to keep their Iguana free then they should provide a natural corner for this beautiful creature and keep a close eye on it or else it will swallow something harmful. There are very less reports of Iguana bite in the world, however those which are reported have been found out that they were in distress and this mostly happens because of the inappropriate housing of the pet lizard.


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