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Tips Which Can Keep Your Kitten Healthy and Active

(Last Updated On: 10/03/2017)

How to take care of a kitten?

Kittens are the most adorable pets one can keep but the philosophy of ‘how to take care of a kitten’ is pretty much the same as of raising a kid. Kittens are really cute creatures and they require the same amount of effort and love that you put up in training a baby. The most effort you put up in their early days will reflect their health and behavior as a cat. Kitten care is not only limited to feeding them and cleaning them properly but it also includes your behavior with them and the affection you have for them. How to take care of a kitten requires your smart decisions of buying food for them, finding a good vet and preparing a comfortable place for them.

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Source: Persian Cats

Usually the mother cat handles the weaning of a kitten herself but if the kitten is abandoned by the cat mommy or she is unable to feed the kittens, then you as a pet parent has to take responsibility of weaning a kitten. It is the process where a kitten is transferred from mother’s milk to solid food. Normally, the weaning process should start from the third week of the kitten’s birth. In the initial days, you should mix the solid food with some milk so the taste is recognizable for them.

Another important aspect in raising a kitten is making them sociable. This is where you can control the kitten behavior issues. Interacting and playing with your kittens at least once in a day makes them feel comfortable with you and they’ll grow up to be friendly cats. As soon as your vet declares them free of any disease, let them play around in the home and get comfortable with the surroundings.

Taking care of kittens is not a hard task at all if you invest a little time in it. The key is: patience and a lot of love from your side in raising those adorable fur balls called kittens.

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