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How To Pet A Cat

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

How to Pet a Cat

Yes! “How to pet your cat” is a very serious question.This includes the information regarding places to pet a cat. Petting a cat makes it easier to develop a strong bond between the cat’s owner and cat.

Sometimes owners of cats do not know how to pet a cat and they scare their cats often. This kind of problem usually occurs when a new cat is adopted or brought to home. Some basic things should be kept in mind to learn to pet a cat.

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Extend the hand for the cat to sniff so as to check if the cat is in the mood to be petted. If the cat rubs the side of its head against the palm, then it’s open to being petted. If the cat walks away, then try another time. Purring and bumping the head along the owner’s body is a cat’s way of showing that it wants to be petted.

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  • The cat’s head and chin should be petted using fingertips; these are the most enjoyable parts.
  • Pet along the back with smooth strokes using fingers and apply slight pressure if the cat shows signs of delight such as arching its back. Always pet in the direction of the hair.
  • Cats do not like being massaged on their tummy, and so it should be avoided.
  • Stop petting if the cat starts to fidget or ducks away from the hand.

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Effects of Petting a Cat

The best way of making a cat feel loved and content is through petting it for at least 10 minutes daily. Cats like being pampered and looked after by their owners, they like being center of attention and the action itself has many therapeutically effects on cats:

  • The action of petting and scratching produces natural painkilling chemicals in cat’s body that help to cure minor aches, generating a calming effect on the cat.
  • Petting also helps in curing cat’s anxiety, taking away the feeling of restlessness and loneliness.
  • It conditions cats to become friendlier to humans and increases their tolerance towards being groomed.
  • Petting and massaging is especially helpful for cats suffering from arthritis or those recovering from surgery. It helps in better blood circulation and the muscle exercise helps in increase mobility and flexibility.

Apart from this petting provides quality bonding time between the owner and the cat, and it’s the best time for owner to routinely check for any abnormalities on cat’s skin.

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Petting Aggression

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Some cats may show signs of wanting attention, but if petted more than a few strokes they bite their owners- this is called petting aggression and is usually common amongst younger cats who are left alone for long periods during the days. This is one of the reasons of learning about how to pet a cat. In such situation, punishing the cat by smacking it usually worsens the problem. The best way to handle this is by reading the cat’s body language and immediately stops petting if it shows signs of discomfort. If the cat starts moving its tail or its eyes dilate or it starts growling- then it means that it does not want to be petted anymore and might even bite the owner to stop him from petting. In such a case the cat has to be retrained to tolerate petting by offering treats and adding one more strokes each time it asks for attention.

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