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How to Naturally Get Rid of Fleas?

(Last Updated On: 19/03/2017)

How to Naturally Get Rid of Fleas?

We all know about the problems which are caused by cat fleas. The problems they cause a lot but there are a lot of ways through which we can get rid of them quite easily. A lot of people use different chemicals which can harm us and our pets but there are several natural ways with which we can get rid of them.
You can naturally get rid of fleas by using the following methods:

1. Flea Trap using dish soap:

This is one of the easiest way of trapping fleas and getting rid of them.
Just fill a plate or a bowl with warm water
Mix some dishwashing soap in the water
Put the plate/bowl under a table lamp or use candles.
Keep the bowl/plate filled with dishwashing liquid on floor next to the light.
Fleas are attracted towards light. Once they jump towards the light, they will get stuck in the soapy water and die.
Repeat this for several days and do this at night.

2. Harbel Flea Spray:

You can make your very own anti flea spray at home which is safe and is free from all the nasty chemicals which other sprays have.
Herbal flea spray is pretty easy to make.
Vinegar- 1 gallon
Water- ½ gallon
Lemon juice- 16 oz.
Witch hazel- 8 oz.
Fresh vacuum bag- 1
Home and Garden Sprayer- 1 (this sprayer should be able to hold at least 6-7 liters at a time)
Vacuum the entire house and the things which cannot be vacuumed should be washed. Use hot water for washing because it will all the flea eggs.
Now mix half gallon of water with 1 gallon vinegar, add lemon juice and witch hazel. After youre done making the spray, use the garden sprayer and spray the entire house. Spray on the walls, furniture, ceilings, carpets and spray in each and every corner of the house.
Repeat this for 3 to 5 days and redo this once a month during the summer season which is the breeding season of fleas.

3. Killing Fleas with a Dehumidifier:

Get a dehumidifier. A 4×4 room would need a dehumidifier which would remove around 10 liters of water from the air (on average). Fleas need 50% humidity for staying alive. Once the humidity is removed from the air, fleas wont be able to survice and will die.

4. Spraying and Cleaning the Plants:

Spray the herbal spray on the plants where your pet hangs out. Also trim and cut the plants which moist dark spots. Trimming them will help the sunlight to reach the moist places and that will kill the flea eggs.

5. Bathing your Pet:

As we have already mentioned in 5 Easy Ways of Removing Cat Fleas article, you should bathe your cat once a week and brush them using the flea comb method.

Please use the above mentioned methods on regular basis during flea season and you will notice that pretty soon fleas will end.

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