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How To Litter Train Your Dog?

(Last Updated On: 12/02/2017)

How to Litter Train your Dog?

Dogs are best because they could be trained easily. How to litter train your dog seems to be a difficult question but it has a simple solution or set of solutions. First of all lets discuss that why litter training is important.

litter training dog 2 - How To Litter Train Your Dog?

Importance of Litter Training

Dogs are not clean when compared with other animals. They do not think much before making a mess. But there are few dog breeds, mostly small ones, are cleaner and easy to keep indoors. It is important to litter train dog for people who want to train their dogs in a cleaner way so that their indoor environment stays clean.

There are people who could not take their dogs outside for walk and defecation or urinating purposes. These people could find ease by litter training or crate training of their dogs.

Type of Litter and Litter Box

The main items before starting litter training are the litter box and the type of litter to use in the box. Some people use the litter boxes or crates that are used for cats. The choice of litter box is totally dependent on the size of dog.

The litter could be of many types but it is not the same as cat litter. Dogs could not enjoy cat litter which is either grainy or sandy. Dogs could end up swallowing the litter and get into some other problem. It is preferable to use dog litter that includes pallets, shredded papers or any other clay like material.

If the dog owner wants to save money on litter then it is possible to use some papers on the floor of litter box. Similarly another approach could be to use some absorbent papers which could be easily disposed off later.

litter training dog - How To Litter Train Your Dog?

A small grassy patch is also an option but it is not possible inside a small house. Although, it is possible that a tub or crate is planted with some grassy plants to make a suitable place for dog but it depends if the dog finds it convenient and is not making a mess with grassy surface.

litter training dog 3 - How To Litter Train Your Dog?

Placement of Litter Box

Always place litter box in an area where it is easily accessible and the dog also has a little privacy for doing his business.

Number of Litter Boxes

If there are more than one dogs inside a house, then it is preferable to give each of them separate litter box. Similarly, if there are other pets in the house, like cats, then never train them to share the litter box. It is not considered safe and healthy. Apart from that, animals could be territorial and could end up fighting each other and urinating all around the house to mark their territories.


In order learn about how to litter train your dog or puppy, follow simple and easy method:

Bring your dog to the litter box, make the dog smell it and then put the dog inside crate or litter box. There are few sprays in the market which are used at places that are to be marked as right places to poop. If these sprays are used then probably the training could become easier.

If the dog owner has an idea about which time their dog wants to go, the owner could already bring the dog into litter box and tell him to do. Dog will sniff and hesitate in the beginning but if owner is consistently taking the puppy or dog to litter box when dog shows sign of using it, then dog will learn quickly.

The dog owners could also try to change the litter as per their convenience and the dog’s likes but it is better to keep the litter clean and free from odors so that dog is not repulsed of it.

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