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5 Easy Steps to Litter Train a Rabbit

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

5 Easy Steps to Litter Train a Rabbit

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When one opts to house a rabbit, the first and foremost thing one needs to know is how to litter train a rabbit. This is pretty easy as rabbits tend to be clean animals and go for toilets in a corner usually even without training.

Firstly several litter boxes need to purchased and filled with a rabbit friendly product such as paper based litter or accelerant free wood-stove chips. The sides should allow easy entry and exit of the box.

1. Keeping an Eye on Rabbit

Owners will need to watch the rabbit attentively when they let it out. The moment it appears as if the rabbit is going to poop the owner should swiftly put it back into the cage. One should guess the moment as the bunny will lift its tail when it desires to excrete. If the owner gets there too late, even then, they should to still put it back into the cage instantaneously and if probable, the owner should also put whatever mess has resulted along with the rabbit as well. Care needs to be taken that the cage should not be locked however; the rabbit should not associate pooping with getting locked in the cage.

2. Deciding the Location of Litter Box(es)

Before introducing the rabbit to the litter box, one needs to pay consideration to where the bunny does its business. Normally it would be the back left or right corner of the cage. The litter box should be placed In the rabbits preferred area, giving him a message. This will render it tranquil to get the message to the rabbit.

More then one litter box can be placed in the cage according to the suitability. Other litter boxes should be put in sites around the area where the rabbit exercises. The more the litter boxes one provides, the more are the chances that the bunny will use any of those.

3. Praising the Rabbit for Using the Litter Box

This is very important and essential to reinforce the behavior. As rabbits naturally litter while they are eating, some amount of hay in the litter box can buoy up good habits and reward the cottontail for going in there.

4. Startling the Rabbit When Littering Outside Litter Box

If a bunny is seen to eliminate outside of the litter box, he should be startled or shooed towards the litter box. One can pick up their rabbit if it is at ease with that, but it’s better if it goes in on its own. One should avoid scolding the rabbit as it will not understand that.

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5. When the Rabbit Forgets

If litter box practices are forgotten then a rabbit’s zone of freedom should be reduced. This ought to correct the problem; a puppy pen is usually useful in this case to chunk off the additional space in anticipation of the litter box habits to reappear. Learning how to litter train a rabbit is necessary when rabbit is not confined to a single zone.

Some Useful Cleaning Techniques

Bunny urine can be easily cleaned up with white vinegar. One will need to clean thoroughly to do away with the smell. This is important for training else the rabbit will litter at that spot again.


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