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How to get rid of Flea eggs

(Last Updated On: 05/05/2017)

How to get rid of Flea eggs

We can easily get rid of fleas but the main problem are flea eggs. Each female flea lays around 30 eggs on daily basis so there can be thousands of flea eggs all over the house. Flea eggs are 0.5mm in size so they are quite hard to find.  These eggs can fall of from the animal and can get stuck in carpet or furniture.
You can use the following things for getting rid of flea eggs
⦁    Regularly vacuum your entire house. Vacuum the house almost on daily basis for few weeks and after your done vacuuming the house, you should empty the vacuum and wash it with soap or spray vinegar and water spray.
⦁    Wash bedsheets, coushions and clothes in hot water. Flea eggs cant stand hot water so they will die and flea population will drastically decrease.
⦁    Clean carpets with home made flea spray. Mix vinegar with water and use spray bottle for spraying all over the house including carpets.
⦁    Diatomaceous earth even kills flea eggs. The grains of diatomaceous earth are quite fine and because of that it can kill fleas and also their eggs.
⦁    You can also use Flea trap by mixing dishwashing soap in water and by keeping it in a dark room under a table lamp. Fleas are attracted to warm light so when theyll jump towards the light they will end up in soapy liquid and will die.

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