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Easy Tips for Dealing with Dogs Who Drool

(Last Updated On: 10/03/2017)

How to Deal With Dog Slobber?

There are no medical ways to control dog drool. Do you think that you could not deal with dog slobber? Few people go for mouth surgeries for their dogs to make their lips and flews tight in order to control the saliva. The saliva formation is natural and there is no need to be upset with it. If you know that you are someone who is going to be upset with the drooling dog then best approach is to choose a dog breed that isn’t big drooler. Big dogs like Newfoundland and Mastiff should be kept with fair understanding that they would not be able to control their slobber.

Following are the pictures of dog drooling:

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What to do if Dog Slobber is upsetting you?

In case you feel that your life is becoming messy and your dog is producing excessive saliva which could not be controlled then look for causes of drooling. Why dogs drool and what causes excessive saliva in the mouth of a dog? There could be any sickness in dogs. The dog could have any mouth infections or any other problems (read here). If the dog is perfectly well and there is no medical or physical reason for dog’s excessive drooling then find out when your dog is drooling? Any particular times or occasions? Mostly dogs drool while others are eating in front of them.

Also, due to the millions of receptors inside them they are hypersensitive towards various smells, especially that of food. Others drool a lot when they are travelling in cars or feeling excited over something.

The emotional states play important role. A calm and relieved dog would not drool as much as a hyper active and emotionally disturbed dog would. One could find excessive panting and drooling in dogs when they overly exert. Often dogs pant and drool a lot after a tough workout, playing or walk session. Though it is not abnormal for a dog to drool in sleep. In fact some drool excessively in their sleep.

Once you know what triggers your dog’s excessive drool then it is easier to deal with dog slobber. Use of towels, bibs and bandannas is already very common. The best approach is to make the dog feel relaxed. If dog has to travel then make sure he does not have his stomach full because it would lead to motion sickness and nausea. The dog would drool first and later on the sickness would aggravate. If dog is sitting in the car for short interval then it is fine but for long travel hours, it is best to use proper precautions.

At home, keep the dog in lawn or garden. Big dogs need to play as well; therefore, it is best to make a play area for them outside. In this way, there would be less drooling and mess inside the house. Though, a proper set up should be built for the dog providing him comfort and safety. The dog should never be ignored for an owner’s personal comfort.

It is true that some breed are prone to unusual drooling in dogs more as compared to other breeds. If you have a dog that is prone to such behavior you can control their diet. You can try different foods and see what suits your dog best.

Adopting Wrong Methods to Control Dog’s Drool

People who go extra miles in order to control their dog’s drooling should really think twice. Is it really worth changing the facial features of dog just to control the saliva? Surgery is being used these days but the question is that is it really an acceptable solution or not?

Similarly, there are few products that claim to absorb dog’s saliva just as diapers. These pads are to be worn around dog’s face which means that dog would feel really uncomfortable and probably drool more due to depression and anxiety. In short, these methods are not correct.

The Right Thing to DO!

If you love and adore your dog and do not want to abandon it then try to put the dog slobber and drooling problem on the back and focus more on good qualities of your dog. It is indeed hard to deal with wet floors, clothes and thick slimy mess around the house but in the end, it is totally worth it. The love and care for a dog comes first. The love and care for a dog comes first, the dribbling of the dog can be ignored.

Dog Drooling when sleeping is also a common behavior often noticed by dog owners. It is nothing to be worried about unless the dog is also showing signs of lethargy.


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