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How To Change Your Cat’s Food

(Last Updated On: 29/03/2017)

How To Change Your Cat’s Food

Cat food related problems occur sometimes and one has to switch to other food. But mostly cats do not like to make a sudden switch. The change in food plan should be done gradually and carefully. Adult cats react to food change in a more stern way. Kittens usually eat everything. Is it easier to change cat’s food? What is the right way of changing cat food?

An important matter is to understand how to change your cat’s food, especially when cat is aging. This may be a requirement when a kitten enters adulthood or a better quality diet needs to be offered.

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Natural Diet of Cats

Cats living in the wild feed on other animals, which means they feed on their flesh. Cats are usually solitary hunters but the only exception is the Lion which hunts in the pride and allows all the members of the pride to feed on one animal. Cats usually hunt those animals which are smaller than their size as attacking them is easy and killing them with one snap is also very simple, however sometimes they might attack animals bigger than their size. In the wild, cats remain motionless and stalk their prey silently, without any warning they rush and leap on their prey which makes escaping very difficult. Small cats usually feed themselves on birds, mice, and other smaller animals, whereas big cats and feed on deer, antelope, wildebeests and buffaloes.

Feeding Domestic Cats

Domestic cats or household cats are captivity animals and there are various Cat foods available in the market. For home cooked meals, cats are usually fed with boiled chicken along with rice and vegetables which includes peas, carrots, potatoes, and parsley. At occasions cats are also fed with fish, milk, however these food items are not suitable for all animals as it might disturb their digestive system. Sometimes domestic cats develop habit of eating same food that is being offered to them and hence avoid other foods which are equally essential for them. Sometimes cats never eat meat or drink milk just because they are fed on commercially made cat food. How to change your cats food should be a slow and tricky process if your cat is not ready to eat everything that is being given.

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Procedure to Change or Switch Cat’s Food

If diets are switched suddenly the cat might become extra finicky about the food and might experience diarrhea. The switch should be made over a period of two weeks where the cat is given new diet alongside the old one. Initially only very small quantity of new food should be given together with old food and gradually the quantity of new one should be increased till the cat is completely comfortable with the new diet and the switch is made complete.  This gradual process of switching is vital if the cat food type is also being switched- like from wet foods to dry food or vice versa.

A big care is required in this regard because if cat is unable to digest new food or having health troubles, then Veterinary consultation would be required. In some cases, the Vet would suggest some easy to digest formula diets instead of heavy ones.

Another issue that is less likely to happen, but still exists, is that cat might start having behavioral problems. This could happen if the cat is eating just for the sake of eating and not enjoying the food being given. In this case, cat’s preference should be taken under consideration along with nutritional factors.

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